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Election roundup: Even if Walsh leaves before Friday, we won't have to have four elections this year

WBZ reports Gov. Baker today signed a bill that lets Boston skip special mayoral elections should Marty Walsh resign before March 5, which once would have seemed likely, but, he's still here.

The new law means Boston will only have to hold a November election and, if there are more than two candidates (so far, we're up to four) a preliminary in September.

The Globe reports some Black leaders, organized by former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson, are planning a "Wakanda II" effort to get behind a Black candidate for mayor. Wakanda I was a similar effort behind Rachael Rollins's election as DA; an unnamed effort in the 2013 mayoral election, however, didn't do much for Charlotte Golar Richie.

The Bay State Banner reports on a forum earlier this week between District 6 (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury) council candidates Kendra Hicks (Jamaica Plain) and Mary Tamer (West Roxbury). One thing both agreed on: There's not really a split between the two neighborhoods, both have more things in common than differences.

Add another name to your list of people running for one of the four open at-large council seats this year: Bridget Nee-Walsh of South Boston. She's an artist who owns the Irish-themed Southie's Own shop in South Boston and the similarly-themed Babe Mannion's Irish Shoppe in Adams Village in Dorchester.


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