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Election roundup: Firefighters union backs Essaibi George; Markeyverse backs Wu

International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 718, today formally endorsed Councilor Annissa Essaibi George in her bid to become mayor. In a statement, local President John Soares said:

Since her early days on the Boston City Council, she has demonstrated her unwavering commitment and support for Boston’s first responders. From showing up at our firehouses with coffee, to picking up the phone to check in on our brave men and women, to advocating for investments in our health and safety, she has our backs and we have unanimously voted to have hers in this race.

The New York Times takes note of the Markyverse, the teens who worked to re-elect Ed Markey and who have now turned their enthusiasm towards Councilor Michelle Wu in her race for mayor.

WBUR reports state Rep. Jon Santiago is looking to the city's Latino population to put him over the top in the race for mayor.

Politico reports nobody among the Democratic politicorati wants to touch the radioactive controversy involving how Dennis White became, even if briefly, Boston police commissioner.

Well, nobody but Rachael Rollins, of course, who told WGBH that William Gross's affidavit trumps Walsh's denial over what he knew when, because talk is cheap, but lying in a sworn affidavit would bring potential criminal penalties.


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Sure, Barros was a loyal lieutenant to Walsh for years but there's just something the cop and firefighter unions liked better about Essaibi-George. Hmm.

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any suburban hamlet with BFD employees as residents. The Markeyverse base gets a free pass on its pro gentrification movement. Ignore Janey and Campbell because....?

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A lot of these union employees got the day off to hold signs and make noise for the candidate of their choice even if they don't get a vote themselves.

And for those holding a nominal residence in the city so they can claim to be following the residency laws, they get a vote even if they leave the city when going home at night.

Did this support tip the election to Walsh? Who knows. But it's a way the unions get involved irrespective of where their residents live.

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She can't vote for Wu and her parents can't vote for Wu. They live in another municipality and she is too young to vote.

By the way, I voted for Ed Markey because he didn't look like the jackarse tailgating me in his Range Rover like his opponent does. The Green New Deal had nothing to do with it.

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One person's individual vote is effectively meaningless in almost all elections. The power is in organizing.

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Read between the lines. Gross said under oath that Walsh "should" have known about White's domestic violence allegations because the police brass brief the mayor on any new command staff. Gross is saying Walsh was probably told in 2014 about them. And maybe he was. Walsh or any mayor makes thousands of decisions a year. Do we think he remembered this anecdote about one cop seven years later? I doubt it. Very plausible they are both telling the truth here. And also plausible Gross is issuing a CYA here for asking Walsh to pick his guy White without reminding him of the problems in his past...

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I'm going to vote for whoever has more supporters with C+ or lower in precalculus.

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Why not vote by zip code?

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Police and firefighters are important and vital to protecting people, solving crimes, hopefully preventing crimes, and not repeating a great urban fire. In other words I want to remember and be grateful for the good work done by all.

But where politics is concerned, and how the unions extort money via details, and especially the current character of the police union, their endorsements tell me who should not be mayor.

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