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Election roundup: Hotel and food-service workers back Janey; we have Covid-19 to thank for Frank Baker running again

UNITE HERE Local 26, which represents hotel and food-service workers, today became the first union to endorse Kim Janey for mayor. In a statement, union President Carlos Aramayo said:

Mayor Janey knows what it takes to build first generational wealth for Boston residents. That means home ownership and good jobs for every neighborhood.

The Dorchester Reporter interviews District 3 (Dorchester) Councilor Frank Baker on his decision to run again. Baker, who has two announced opponents (Romilda Pereira and Stephen McBride), says he was thinking of hanging it up but that Covid-19 made him realize he has more to do.

Michelle Wu released her plan for police reform, in which she says she will seek to re-write the police contract to require more accountability for officers with disciplinary issues - like making them part of their promotional considerations - and with steps to control overtime and overpolicing.

Politico posts the latest amounts in mayoral candidates' coffers, well, at least six of them (seems that while Roy Owens has a Web site this time, he's yet to file anything with the state campaign-finances office). WBUR has some more on the race.

David Bernstein runs the money numbers for the large field of candidates for the four at-large seats on the council.


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Frank Baker only has more to do inasmuch as he hasn't done a damn thing.

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how much more efficiently he could vote "Present" from his own home.

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He got the 25 mph speed limit for us.

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I'll let you know the first time I see it either followed or enforced.

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