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Election roundup: It's never too late for endorsements

With voting already underway, there were dueling endorsements from state reps today.

State Rep. Jon Santiago, who briefly ran for mayor before realizing he had no chance, was scheduled to endorse Kim Janey at Villa Victoria in his very own South End.

She is leading Boston through the pandemic - helping ensure that 70% of residents have gotten at least one shot while implementing bold measures to take on the Delta variant. She is delivering results to combat the housing crisis and doing so with empathy and resolve. And she is committed to a Boston that is both equitable and just.

But over in the North End, state Rep. Aaron Michlewitz - who had endorsed Santiago back in the day - threw his nod towards Michelle Wu, on his home turf in the North End, right in front of the Paul Revere statue:

Michelle deeply understands the issues facing our downtown neighborhoods, especially the need for affordable housing, livable communities and high quality city services for every Bostonian. It’s been a pleasure to partner with her on so many key issues, including to keep rental housing stock available in our neighborhoods. I know that with her experience and vision, she will make an strong partner in City Hall to get things done for the people of Boston.

The top five candidates remaining debate tonight at 7 p.m. on NBC Boston and Telemundo Boston.

The Dorchester Reporter provides an overview of the candidates running in District 7 (Roxbury) to replace Janey, as well as what they think of the job Janey has done as acting mayor.



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I endorse John Barros over Marty Walsh and John Connolly.

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Lorraine Payne Wheeler getting hyper local.

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