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Election roundup: Madaro backs Wu; painters and insulators back Essaibi George

Michelle Wu this morning got the nod from East Boston state Rep. Adrian Madaro.

Annissa Essaibi George, meanwhile, will be endorsed this afternoon by the Painters and Allied Trades DC 35, a few days after Insulators Local 6 announced they were backing her.

Amplify Latinx hosts an online forum for the two candidates at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

The purpose of this Forum is to give Boston’s rapidly-growing pool of Latinx voters an opportunity to hear candidates discuss the issues of importance to them in this monumental election.

Said Abdikarim, who ran for an at-large council seat in the preliminary, is helping to organize forums on Oct. 23 for mayoral and council (both at large and district) candidates, with a focus on concerns of Boston's African and Muslim communities on Oct. 23 at the Residence Inn Hall, 2001 Washington St. in Roxbury. Mayoral candidates at 10 a.m., at-large candidates at 11 and district candidates at noon.



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Adrian Madaro is a big get. He and Lydia Edwards bring together the old & new Eastie nicely as Michelle Wu’s coalition continues to grow.

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I hear that Annissa Essaibi George is offended that Janey didn't turn her down to her face.

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I've already heard my fill of Annisser [her own pronunciation of her name] telling us how she's going to be a mutha and a may-ah. That obnoxious ad itself is enough to make me nevah evah want to vote for hah.

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