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Election roundup: Michael Flaherty makes a video, but leaves the kitchen mixer at home

Michael Flaherty Has Always Been a Leader

No need anymore for Flaherty to remind voters what he uses to mix things.

Wu explains her proposal for rent stabilization.

The Globe asks council candidates six questions.

The Dig takes a look at the council race in District 3 (Dorchester) between ever cranky Frank Baker and Stephen McBride.

The Dorchester Reporter looks at the at-large candidates who aren't Flaherty or Julia Mejia to see who might win the remaining two seats.

The Bay State Banner looks at the two candidates hoping to replace Andrea Campbell in District 4 (Dorchester, Mattapan).

Essaibi George released a plan for bridging the wealth gap between Blacks and Whites in Boston that includes investing $100 million in minority neighborhoods and increasing the number of minority workers and contractors on city-funded projects.

Wu announced a number of endorsements by Black clergy members, including former School Committee Chairman Gregory Groover.

But Essaibi George has the backing of former Patriots player Willie McGinest, who joined her at White Stadium, where she announced a program called "City Kids Win" to boost city funding of school athletics, parks in minority neighborhoods and making sure everybody has access to city community-center programs.

The Working Families Party is backing Wu. Ed Markey and State Sen. Sal DiDomenico are backing Julia Mejia.



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I’m not the biggest fan but if the rumors hold true and he is the next DA he will be missed on the Council. That body has become more and more fringe lunatic and whomever comes in 5th will probably fit right in. What people forget is that there needs to be checks and balances. Everyone doesn’t need to agree, in fact not agreeing and being able to come together to make a decision for the greater good is more useful than one sided extreme decisions.

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You're missing the latest coverage of Kendra Hicks in the Globe

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MA Senator Edward J. Markey announced his endorsement of Kendra Hicks this week too.

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