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Election roundup: Pressley boards the Wu train

US Rep. Ayanna Pressley today endorsed Michelle Wu for mayor.

Pressley, who served with both Wu and Annissa Essaibi George on the Boston City Council, said:

I’ve worked closely with Michelle Wu for nearly a decade. Michelle has a passion for service and a vision for our city that is grounded in her own lived experience and belief in the transformative potential of policy. At this pivotal moment in our city’s history, we need bold leadership - that’s why I’m so proud to endorse Michelle’s candidacy for Mayor. I look forward to continuing to work alongside her to tackle the entrenched challenges of racial, social, economic, healthcare, and environmental injustice facing our communities.

Like Wu, Pressley is originally from Chicago. And her endorsement comes the day after Essaibi George played the Boston-native card saying yes, it matters that Wu was born in Chicago, not in Boston.

City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo, who is a Wu backer, accused Essaibi George of "othering."

Dueling laborers endorsements: Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 223 is backing Essaibi George. But Laborers’ Local 22 is backing Wu.

Wu and Essaibi George will hold their first one-on-one debate on Oct. 13 on WBZ-TV.

The Dorchester Reporter interviews incumbent District 3 (Dorchester) Councilor Frank Baker and challenger Stephen McBride.



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until November, when the people who work for a living will come out and vote for AEG.

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The only people that matter are the ones you agree with.

As if Wu voters don't "work for a living"

Voting closed 68

"The only people that matter are the ones you agree with."

All sides are guilty of this.

Voting closed 37

One side:
AEG = Vote for me, not one of those Chicago democrats, yknow, those democrats who don't "work for a living," wink wink, nudge nudge

MAGA = the only votes that count are republican.

The other side:

Voting closed 7

I know someone who has campaigned for AEG for both city council and now mayor. While she posts her support and offers to discuss why she supports her she also urges everyone to get out and vote no matter which candidate they support.

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I'm not tarring AEG voters with that brush, simply saying that the anon poster and AEG herself, with her comments about being born in boston making you a better mayor, are exhibiting Trumpy logic.

Voting closed 25

It sucks that the anti-AEG crowd it resorting to citing "born in Boston" when the actual claim was "born and raised".

Of course it makes no meaningful difference where you were born and lived as an infant. It does make some difference where you spent the first 23 years of your life. It's not a 100% litmus test, but it does impact how familiar a city is to someone. For someone running for local office, that familiarity adds credibility.

Voting closed 22

Is a distinction without a difference. Wu came to the area in 2003, not to mention she's been a city council member since 2014!

If you have the temerity to think someone serving on the council for 7 years isn't in touch with the needs of the city, her constituents certainly don't agree with you. "someone running for local office" indeed!

Voting closed 27

Why do you need to embellish the record? Wu came in 2003, spent four years at Harvard College (not exactly living the Boston life), back to Chicago for a couple of years, and then Harvard Law (again in Cambridge) before settling down in Boston.

Not saying at all that this is a serious problem, but it does carry some weight. All that knowledge in Wu's brain about Chicago and Cambridge and Harvard's campus gained from living there for decades, is knowledge that she didn't gain about Boston from living in Boston those years. That's a gap, if you compare the candidates side-by-side, and the gap is a perfectly valid point for AEG to highlight.

It's one thing to say the gap is less important to you than other differences between AEG and Wu, but it's disingenuous to invoke "Trumpy logic" and dismiss the gap entirely.

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about two wrongs?

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I work for a living and will vote Wu.

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I've noticed all of the new Essaibi-George yard signs now explicitly say "Democrat" on them (as if both candidates aren't registered Democrats). She must be rattled by the news getting out about all of the Trump PAC money getting dumped into her campaign.

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Walsh did the same thing in 2013 with no Trump-associated PAC AFAIK, and the polls were the same back then (strongly in favor of Connolly)

Wu doesn't have this in the bag as easily as most think

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After staying out of the preliminary election (as she did in Boston), Congresswoman Pressley endorsed Katjana Ballantyne for Mayor of Somerville.

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