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Election roundup: Roy Owens says he's running for mayor; Barros goes after the techno-elite vote

Roy Owens Web site

Annual candidate Roy Owens, who normally contents himself with losing races for state rep and city council in Roxbury, wants to try losing a bigger race this year - for mayor.

He's even got a real Web site this time, granted, one that looks like he's running for judge or to represent you on your toughest personal-injury claims. And, OK, he blames Sonia Chang-Diaz for All the Things. But baby steps.

Meanwhile, second-time mayoral candidate John Barros is set to do an "Ask Me Anything" forum, but not on Reddit, which anybody with a Web browser can read, but on Clubhouse, the exclusive audio forum currently limited to people impressive enough to get a very special invite - which was the same sort of buzz-inducing rollout that Google+ tried back in the day.

The sesh starts at 8 p.m. on Monday if you're one of the technorati.

The Job Training Alliance will hold a forum for mayoral candidates focusing on how to ensure "ALL Boston workers thrive in the new economy." Starts at noon on Thursday, and is available to anybody with a Zoom client. Free registration required.

One of those candidates, current City Councilor and former East Boston High School teacher Annissa Essaibi-George, recently released her education plan.

David Halbert, also making his second bid for citywide office, but for one of the four open at-large seats on the city council, recently talked to the Stony Brook Neighborhood Association in Jamaica Plain.



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Of letting Roy Owens into my house once to listen to his positions when he was running for City Council. What can I say, I had a baby and was bored out of my mind on maternity leave, and he had his adorable grandson with him. Well, that was a terrifying mistake I will never make again in my life, that dude needs some serious therapy.

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Ha ha, give Roy some credit; at least he didn't bore you with the same platitudes as the more mainstream candidates and you will remember his passage in your home for the rest of your life!

I just checked his "About me" page and it's a true gem. It concludes with this: "If you are not ashamed of your God take a stand with Roy Owens for Mayor, Tuesday, September 1, 2020, and Tuesday, Nov, 03. 2020. Volunteer @ 617-516-6163"

I like a candidate who doesn't let trivial details (such as what year we are in) stand in the way of a good campaign message.


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7-Eleven has moved to control the alcohol and marijuana drug market in Massachusetts.

Define “control”, Roy.

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7-11 Doesn't need to sell weed. They just need to sell munchies.

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That experience helped me when I moved to the burbs and my new local wingnut came to my door campaigning. I started to close the door and she stuck her foot in it, which I kicked right out again. I'm from Dot, you can't try that shit with me!

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I don’t know Massachusetts law on this topic, but in a lot of places you’d be on solid legal ground shooting someone who tried that kind of forcible entry shit. I hope at a minimum you called the police and reported the assault

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Good for you for kicking that wing-nut's foot out of your doorway! It serves that bitch right! She had no business invading your space like that.

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My opponents have failed to take a stand against laws forcing pastors to promote unhealthy lifestyle HABITS in their Churches or face jail and large fines.(Laws are written by Sonia Chang-Diaz and support by Ayanna Pressley, Michelle Wu, and other city Councilors).

I feel like there's at least one citation needed here, Roy.

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but I'm kind of ashamed of Him. He has this weird obsession with beetles.

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... though I give him credit for addressing mortgage inequity in Boston, right before he leaps into accusations of genocide.

One of the things I've wondered about Roy is how he's avoided being sued by Save The Children, though maybe his Save The Children Ministries is far enough below the radar to not infringe on the real charity.

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Doug Bennett the Mean Green Hand-Painted Sign Machine to click into action

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Whenever they are on the ballot, you're a party pooper. :)

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Dave Halbert is a really great guy. He's super smart, reasonable, and a good listener. He'd be an excellent councilor.

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