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Election roundup: Snippy quips begin in mayoral race

Andrea Campbell takes note of a Globe story about Kim Janey setting up a campaign swag store:

Doesn't bother District 5 (Hyde Park, Mattapan, Roslindale) Councilor Ricardo Arroyo, though: He's backing Janey (as is his dad, Felix):

She has been a strong progressive partner in the work we have done to address racial and systemic inequities in both of her roles, and I know her long personal and professional track record of doing the same.

John Barros opposes rent control, says the answer is deed restricted affordable housing.

Michelle Wu was endorsed by the Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund. "Michelle Wu tackles the climate crisis not as a standalone issue, but at its intersection with the economy, public health, justice, transportation, and more," fund Executive Director Clare Kelly says.

For now, Lydia Edwards is still running for re-election as the District 1 (East Boston, North End, Charlestown) city councilor this fall. But the Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports she's thinking about running for the state-senate seat Joe Boncore could soon be giving up to become a lobbyist.

The Scope interviews Winnie Eke of West Roxbury, one of three candidates who want to replace Matt O'Malley in District 6 (West Roxbury, JP, Mission Hill and a smidge of Roslindale). The Scope also interviews Leon Rivera, running for the District 7 (Roxbury) seat Kim Janey gave up to become acting mayor.

The Dorchester Reporter rounds up candidate positions in District 4 (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale), the seat Andrea Campbell is giving up to run for mayor.


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The more things change the more they stay the same.

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Can you give an example of someone who tackles the climate crisis AS a standalone issue?

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Yeah . But there's not enough space to list the ways.

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At this point, Andrea Campbell is so bitter about not getting to be the first black woman mayor it's just sad-honestly.

I totally get it, you are more educated, more clearly delineated policy but I don't like a black woman taking shots at Kim Janey like this... as though she doing a bad job as mayor, shes not-but kind of is at campaigning. It just feels so phony when for years yall were "sisters in service"..remember?

All the energy I feel from Andrea's campaign the past few weeks is just anti-Janey spoilsport negativity. it's a huge turnoff .Ick....

Michelle Wu was endorsed by the Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund.

Oh my God, dawg..no one cares!

Boston has 700,000 people out of 7,000,000,000 we can stop climate change or even make a fraction of a dent in it. All you can do is plant trees for us to keep us cool and make more permeable coastal surfaces to prevent severe flooding-talk about something else. Two things that take like a week to do. You just look like a Green weirdo.

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No, Boston all by itself can't stop global warming. At the same time, what are we going to do to keep the sea and local rivers from reclaiming the parts of Boston that used to be underwater - like the seaport and most of South Boston, South Bay, big parts of Dorchester and Roxbury, most of East Boston, etc. etc.?

Yeah, the city has plans. Are they actually getting implemented? Swails are fun, but what happens when something like Sandy hits? OK, you don't give a shit, but maybe some voters do.

And what about all the other effects of climate change? Heat islands, anyone?

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All of the Back Bay, except for Mass Ave were once flood control areas (Hint - The Name), as was most of MIT, and the South End except between Shawmut and Harrison were water. Harrison Ave's original name was Front Street as in Waterfront.

If there is going to be climate control measures really implemented in the city, let's open up the Charles River Dam for a few years and let the Charles absorb what it was meant to do.

Let's make Newton reclaim all those swamps (i.e. wetlands) that it filled in the 1800's that used to absorb flood waters from the Charles.

If there is going to be true climate change mitigation in the area, let's have the rich take the hit too.

That's environmental justice.

By the way, if someone makes the argument that keeping the Union Boat Club or some investor owned ground floor condo on Beacon Street dry is more important than a unit some kid from El Salvador struggling to make it on Bremen Street lives, I'm all ears.

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The thought that Beach Street could be paralegal to a beach again is not such a far fetched thought anymore.

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Beach Street could be paralegal to a beach again

And if it works hard, maybe one day it could even be a lawyer or judge to a beach! ;)

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I’ve been spel Czeched once again!

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There's literally not much we can do. This is just an inoffensive way to get votes.

Do you realize Boston is a Coastal city?

Answer: "make more permeable coastal surfaces to prevent severe flooding"

short of building levees (not happening) thats it Do you think Michelle Wu is going to save us from Sandy?? Seroiusly?

Heat Island:

Answer: "plant more trees"

That's all that can be done. None of this is particularly difficult.

I've actually read her climate justice plan. 80% of it has nothing at all to do with the climate.

She talks about "food justice" and ambiguous "green jobs" "equitable small business recovery" "Renters right to council"<---- Explain to me what that has to do with climate change (justice)?

I hate to sound this Republican because that not me but like...cmon. Half the stuff in there like green overlay strict literally won't stop a DAMN thing. I dont like her acting as though this can be solved at the municipal level. And its so obvious her policies will increase the cost of development.

take a look: https://assets.ctfassets.net/1hf11j69ure4/B6NLxlOVxTVMNbHEvFaQE/700f4762...

"Ultimately, a Green New Deal for Boston would seek to mitigate the threat of climate change, attack poverty and economic inequality, close the wealth gap, and dismantle structural racism at the scale necessary for a Just Recovery from the devastation of this pandemic."

Despite all the sections to this long document. On a base level, it is incredibly jumbled compared to her approach to abolishing the BPDA (love that). It conflates so many thinly related causes and incorporates so much fluff its actually irritating.

A bunch of stuff just buzzwords are thrown together not really super interconnected. I liked Wu a lot more before she became the green new deal candidate. It's not focused enough on actual people and what we NEED right now.

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Andrea Campbell actually was the first black woman acting mayor in Boston, long before Janey was. She was city council president a few years ago. The moment Marty Walsh took a trip to DC that year, Campbell became acting mayor. As far as the city charter is concerned, the council president serves as acting mayor whether the Mayor resigns or the Mayor parks his car in Harvard Yard. There is no legal difference.

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Since when are people of the same race not allowed to criticize each other in politics? Different races, even?

Also, have you heard Janey at any campaign type of event? Her only claim to fame is "I am the current mayor," she reminds you of it incessantly.

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“but I don't like a black woman taking shots at Kim Janey like this... as though she doing a bad job as mayor, shes not-but kind of is at campaigning. It just feels so phony when for years yall were "sisters in service"..remember?”

So sorry a black woman isn’t behaving the way you want her to!

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It's fake, petty, and unbecoming. You don't have to hate on her merch. Thats normal part of campaigning. Maybe you should change that "X" to a check and you'd be up some....

Just advance your platform. You ain't winning and we know it. Be graceful, promote your ideas, and stop trying to tear down whatever Janey has going on. This isn't the first time she's taken shots at her. Other candidates aren't really doing that which tells me there's an element of jealousy here. Y'all were buddies and this is how you do your buddy? Most Campbell supporters (only met 'em online bt-dubs) are of that same mindset and its a turn-off. That's one part of why even with a super PAC she has ZERO momentum. Your messaging screams "I'm losing"

Although he won't win and I won't vote for him.... I love what John Barros is doing. He's talking about him and his vision and holding Black and Brown Men Roundtables-it shows an effort to connect with actual people and to focus on what he's got going on. He's too moderate for me but has always come off as humble and genuine never bitter.

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… a woman isn’t being “graceful” enough for you. Such “unbecoming” behavior must really rankle a delicate creature such as yourself.

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Yeah, that's not it at all. But keep insulting an extremely accomplished black woman in Andrea Campbell who has earned everything she has despite an extraordinarily difficult childhood and familial situation. Your bias is showing...

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-- Finley Peter Dunne

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Leonard Lee is running hard as a tough on crime candidate with endorsements from Chief Kenneth Greene of the Transit Police and Sheriff Steve Tompkins. He seems to be the only candidate in any of the races for political office who is actively seeking police support.

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I had to go to the mess that is Suffolk County Probate Department on Monday and I am told it was a "light" day with two people in the front area and the line down the hall, where 8 people had quit and ultimately spent 4.5 hours getting what I needed to do done. There were fist fights in the hallway. The bailiffs were acting as security guards. It was a mess and people are there for heavy things like custody and divorce. A mess.

Then of course there was the $44 parking for over 1.5 hours at the government center parking garage.

Felix needs to fix his department.

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Always has, always will. Ricardo is surprisingly a decent councilor although I don't agree with his endorsement of Janey.

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Decent? R Arroyo is backing Janey so hard that he literally claimed that holding an additional election would "disenfranchise" voters. He also blindly hurls the term "racist" at things like standardized tests.

Of course, Arroyo is a politician, and all is fair in politics. And if he is able to sustain this level of BS to advance his career, then he's committed and is destined to go places. But I think that also means "decent" is not an appropriate description for him.

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Timmy is probably out at his house in Hull reading Barstool and complaining about 'those people' ruining the city.

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He also blindly hurls the term "racist" at things like standardized tests.

You know, there IS a case to be made that ISEE, which is what he was talking about, is racist, starting with the fact it is based on a curriculum not used in Boston, which is something you can overcome if your parents have enough money to get you into a private test prep class OR if the people who ran the public, free test prep class would let people at schools in minority neighborhoods know about them, which they didn't.

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You don't have to agree with science, and I know you generally don't tend to, but even for you this is a ridiculous assertion. There's quite a bit of demonstrated racism in standardized testing. It's not something he pulled out of his ass.

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