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Election roundup: Wu gets a Menino endorsement while Essaibi George gets the carmen's nod; League of Women Voters subtweets Council race

Angela Menino, widow of Boston's longest serving mayor, announced today she is backing Michelle Wu:

In Michelle, I see someone like Tommy, who gets to know personally every part and person of our city to provide the city services we need. I’m proud to support her to be the next Mayor of Boston and continue Tommy’s legacy as an urban mechanic who fights for Boston to be a city for everyone.

“I got to know Michelle from her time working with my husband in City Hall. He had a great respect for her as she was raising her sister, navigating BPS to enroll her in classes all while achieving on her own by attending Harvard graduate school - her ability to remain focused on improving lives of people in the city while also dealing with her own family dynamics was impressive. Her grace under pressure and sharp mind to think differently about city services and build trust among city agencies made her stand out. I know my husband would have endorsed her for Mayor as he supported her when she ran for City Council. She has my vote and full confidence that she will continue to earn the trust of the people in our neighborhoods that is necessary to get big things done for our city.

Free the T? Not it the Boston Carmen's Union, Local 589 has anything to do with it - the union today endorsed Annissa Essaibi George at an event at the Ruggles T stop. Local president Jim Evers said:

We need a Mayor that gets it. We need a Mayor who is a leader and a collaborator, who not only understands the critical role our frontline workers play in our city and the need to bring safe and reliable transit to every Boston resident, but has a path to get there!

Meanwhile, the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts yesterday issued a pretty strong statement about racism (the league is against that) and its role in elections (it does not endorse candidates) as it relates to a City Council race, only it didn't say whom it was referring to and we're sure if they wanted to say they were really fed up with something going on, oh, to be hypothetical now, District 6, where one of the candidates used to be president of the League's Boston chapter, they would have said so, no?



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Right, like he wasn't leaving the job in a coffin (Yes, I know he didn't, but he knew his time was coming). I'll give Wu the same number of votes on Tuesday that I gave that jerkoff: 0.

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Magoo is so confused that all Magoo can say is “Magoo?”. Magoo.

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