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Everett junkyard goes up in flames; smoke seen across Boston area

Everett junkyard on fire

Flaming junk. View from Charlestown by Andrew Jorgensen. See it larger.

A recycling building at the Schnitzer scrap yard on Rover Street in Everett caught fire this morning, sending a thick, black plume of smoke into the sky, where it could be seen across the Boston area, from Lynn to Roxbury to the South Shore, and bringing firefighters from several surrounding communities to help put out what became a four-alarm blaze.

The smoke from Chelsea (photo by Melissa):

Smoke over the Tobin Bridge.

The smoke from the West End (photo by RadRebe):

Smoke over the Zakim Bridge.

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What's in those white tanks 1,000 to 1,200 feet to the right of the fire?

Anyone want to guess?

Here's a hint, when they fill up those tanks, they shut down the harbor, divert planes from Logan, and shut down the Tobin, because they are scared of terrorism.

What's to the left? Well that happens to be one of the largest burners of natural gas in the area. It gives you electricity.

Let's hope EFD, BPD, and CFD are all safe getting on this one.

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My morning was going fine, and now I'm looking through my junk drawer for earplugs

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Maybe sit on the floor away from the windows. Or visit your aunt in Teaneck or something :-(

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https://twitter.com/IAFFLocal143/status/1468571304228012038 « 2nd Alarm 69 Rover Street Schnitzer NE heavy smoke and fire all floors of building fully involved »


- « PER C4…everyone out of building and accounted for » 8:23
- « Per command: 3rd alarm for coverage and call state hazmat team » 8:57

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It went up in flames this am.

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Junk and swill on fire. Breathing in the noxious fumes. Keepin' it Green in Boston!!!

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The is Everett, two it's a recycling center!

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The Notre-Dame cathedral fire released hazardous levels of lead into the air. I imagine this smoke contains all sorts of nasty shit. Frightening.

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Magoo totes saw this!!!!!!!!!! Magoo totes saw this when Magoo was driving in Magoo’s Magoo-Mobile. Magoo.

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I always remember Mr. Magoo having poor eyesight.

Did Magoo get Lasik? If so, good for you.

Rock on Magoo.

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A junkyard is burning across the harbor
Blue smoke drifts above the bay
Blue lights are flashing down Cambridge Street
Late on a grey December day

I listen to the trees outside my window
That never have anything to say
And remember when in the bleak December
Santa came and took my toys away.

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Nice view from Encore Everett, I'm sure.

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