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Expanded outdoor dining in Boston to resume April 1, or maybe even earlier if we don't get a nor'easter or ice storm

The mayor's office announced today that restaurants will once again be allowed to offer outdoor dining on sidewalks or parking spaces starting at least on April 1, or maybe even a bit earlier, if we don't get hit with some awful snow or ice storm right before that would require city plows to rumble down streets.

The move comes in addition to the relaxation of Covid-19 indoor dining restrictions that went into effect this morning, under which restaurants can now return to 100% of their Before Times seating capacity, if they can keep tables separated by at least six feet.

Restaurants that got temporary outdoor permits from the city will have to reapply for a permit; restaurants that did not participate last year can re-apply.

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That's great that places can open outdoors in April or sooner. That's excellent for everyone and very safe.

I do have to wonder about allowing 100% capacity as long as the tables are 6 feet apart. I hope they have a lot of inspectors ready to head out there. I can image a lot of restaurants only hearing the "100% capacity" part and really skimping on the "distancing".

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When they say tables have to be 6' apart, what exactly does that mean?
That the tables themselves are 6' apart?
Or, that people seated at different tables are at least 6' away from each other?

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The back of the stools/chairs need to be 6' apart between tables

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Sounds good but how about some more pedestrian only streets? Can we join the rest of the world and close off some restaurant heavy blocks to cars? If Waltham can do it then why isn’t Boston? It beats eating in a parking spot with cars driving by 5 feet away.

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Barcelona Big Blocks

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Could turn a post about COVID dining into an anti-car statement. I actually applaud the dedication.

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Just ask yourself why a special dispensation is needed here.

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Boston needs wider sidewalks in many areas just to accommodate pedestrians. I’m not looking forward to this again. Keep these outdoor eating areas in the street and out of people’s way.

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