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An expectant gaze on Revere Beach

Plover with eggs on Revere Beach

Adam Balsam reports that on a trip to Revere Beach today, he got lucky and was able to spot a nesting pair of piping plovers.

DCR ornithologist was watching them too and she told me this pair has been nesting here for 5 years. This is their second brood (the first failed) and they're expected to hatch in 2 weeks!

Every year, DCR blocks off the part of the beach where the cute but somewhat endangered fluffballs nest and forage.


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Wonderful photo! Love watching these little birds run back and forth on the beach. :)

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Where's Elmer when you need him?

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A part of the beach. Anybody remember that beach on the Cape that was fully closed for these cute birdies? Are they still doing that?

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They close half of the mile long West Dennis Beach to cars/parking every year for the piping plovers, but the parking lot is open for pedestrians and bikes.

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