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Failed senate candidate is involved in Arizona fraudit, because of course he is

Vice reports that Republicans in the state senate there hired our very own Inventor of E-mail to analyze ballots for them in their continuing effort to prove that the former president won that state when you subtract all the ballots made of bamboo.

Shiva Ayyardurai is no stranger to Arizona Republicans. Way back in November, he presented some of his very mathematical proof at a hearing there that Biden only won because he got 130 percent of the Democratic vote in all important Maricopa County.

Ayyadurai could also be picking up some spare consulting change in Wisconsin, where human anagram and former White House toady Reince Preibus recently said Republicans there were thinking of hiring Ayyadurai for a similar probe.

Ayyadurai had been spending large amounts of his time learning federal constitutional law as he sued Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin on charges that he destroyed 1 million Republican ballots stored electronically, in a state that doesn't use electronic storage for ballots, and that Galvin, his minions and Twitter used British software to build a system to knock him off Twitter and to destroy the First Amendment rights of all Americans.

But Ayyadurai cleared time on his schedule last month when he abruptly dropped that suit just as the judge was considering fining him - or worse - for the way he conducted his suit, following a hearing at which the judge used phrases such as "Fifth Amendment" and "perjury."

Another judge also made some room on his schedule by dismissing his suit against Marty Walsh and Bill Evans over that tiny little rally he and his right-wing pals had on the Common in 2017.

He still has suits pending against Robert Kennedy Jr. and a Kennedy supporter that basically center on which of them is the bigger anti-vaxxer, but court dockets show little activity in those cases. Then, this week, the state Attorney General's office gave him still more time off by rejecting his proposed 2022 ballot question to require all ballots in Massachusetts be cast only on paper with special watermarks and other special features and to post copies of everybody's ballots on publicly accessible servers.

Ayyadurai's Arizona analysis would not be the only time he's used his four degrees from MIT to try to prove that Biden lost to the actual loser.

In November, he filed an affidavit in one of the "kraken" suits, in Georgia, in which he argued his analysis showed that Biden couldn't possibly have won that state because there's just no way so many Blacks hated the Republican candidate so much that they would overwhelmingly vote for Biden, but that Whites did hate Biden so much they would have overwhelmingly voted for the Republican, so therefore, Biden lost.

The suit was, of course, dismissed. The two lawyers who brought it, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, now face sanctions in Michigan for a kraken suit they brought there.

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If there is a way to badly lose at something while also looking like an idiot, consider Shiva interested. He probably bets against the Harlem Globetrotters.

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Dr. EMAIL would be selling "foolproof" systems to beat the house at a casino.

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After the events of the past couple of weeks, there are a bunch of moderate Democrats that are sick at what they're seeing in Afghanistan. There is a lot of buyer's remorse out there.
Our president is morally bankrupt and senile at the same time. That's a bad combination.
LOL Democrats in a Zogby poll...https://zogbyanalytics.com/news/1035-the-zogby-pol...
Another one...https://theliberalpatriot.substack.com/p/will-cens...
Face it, the super progressive loonies have really messed up the Democratic Party.
2022 will be a flaming slow motion train wreck for the Dems. The lessons learned from the last election will help quite a bit.
Me? I think it would be a good idea to implement voter ID, hell the Dems are all on board for that...https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/06/21...
Another idea would be to use watermarked ballots, you know, like all the money you have in your pocket, to prevent xerox fraud, or the state of California... https://www.sos.ca.gov/administration/regulations/...
I draw your attention to section 9.

They don't have to be bamboo, paper will do nicely.

What time is it, Joe?


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of this have to do with your Shiva, Inventor of E-Mail, and the Fraudit?

Because that’s what people are discussing here. Nothing of what you are babbling about, deplorable.

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When you assume...

Why are you going through my pockets?

Or you ASSUME all my cash has watermarks and other security features.
It doesn't.

And that paper is not the same as the paper used for ballots. It has a high cotton fiber content, not just wood pulp or bamboo.

Please take the equivalent of Kaopectate for the mind.

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This is just an off-topic word soup derail decorated with random links. Take your ADD meds and try and focus. This thread is not about Biden or Afghanistan.

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With links to questionable sources and a gratuitous bullshit right wing meme photo.

Right on brand for you, dmc. Right down to the laughably horrible Zogby poll - well known as an extremely unreliable polling organization for over a decade.

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It's a scam - he's just working it.

I'm tempted to run ads on FB to lure in marks who believe bullshit. Give people a quick quiz, then explain how they are easy prey for scams because of their answers.

Then offer some simple resources for spotting scams.

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I was just thinking that.. Shiva is just a grifter and just found his next grift. That is after the Commonwealth spanked him for trying his nonsense here.

I truly feel sorry for (some) of the taxpayers of Arizona who are... ALMOST A YEAR LATER.. still paying for these macadamias to prove a fictitious point)

At this point I want to get fish oil capsules, rebrand them as "covid miracle cure" and watch them sell like hot cakes for 29.95 a bottle. Or maybe I will just sell magic beans.....

At this point, anyone who still believes this Q garbage deserves being taken.

The comedian Bill Engvall had a routine about stupid people needing to wear a sign. Sometimes I think he was right. People should wear a sign if they are stupid. So, you know, we don't expect much of them.

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Really. FDA frowns.
As far as the whole 'email' thing, here's a site that seems to break it down a bit.
FTA, "However, it should be noted that Ray Tomlinson’s email could not send an email across different networks. His Email was just limited to the SAME NETWORK. For example, if you wanted to send an email to different universities in the US, let’s say, between MIT and Stanford — it was not possible using Ray’s email."
He was a pioneer.
Prof. Noam Chomsky... https://www.inventorofemail.com/noam-chomsky-on-in...
Dr. Leslie P. Michelson... https://www.inventorofemail.com/va_shiva_recollect...
"My first reason is to unequivocally authenticate that Shiva created “EMAIL”, the first email system, in my lab, starting in 1978. EMAIL, for the record, was more than just a “program“ but a complete system --- it was the “electronic inter-office, inter-organizational mail system,” the first of its kind, an integrated platform that provided all the recognizable elements of what we call email today, as related in a previous and accurate article written by Doug Aamoth in Time. EMAIL went beyond “electronic messaging.”"

So, did he invent email? I dunno. Better minds than mine seem to think so. He seems to have a claim. My thinking? Sir Issac Newton said, (rough paraphrase...) "I see further because I stand on the shoulders of giants".
UHubbies just don't like his politics.

He does seem to own the copyright, though...

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I’ll field this one:

No. No, he did not.


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The Fossbytes blog article you link to is wishy-washy about drawing a conclusion, but the evidence they give is pretty clear, including links to Internet standards documents from many years earlier. The "mail" command existed in Unix in 1971.

Now, it's possible that he was one of the first to actually use the term "email". There wasn't a big fixation with prefixing everything with "e" back in the 1970s. Maybe that deserves some credit, but... it's not really that novel of a name, and it seems most likely that the term separately developed. The OED has references to "electronic mail" from 1975 and "E-mail" from 1979, totally unrelated to Shiva's program.

And, while kids today (well, millennials; gen z doesn't do email) recognize the term "email" as the normal one, the system we know and love (?) was most commonly "e-mail" with a dash until over time that got dropped. This really, really, does not seem in any way related to one particular obscure program.

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Yeah, it's cool a 14-year-old invented AN email system. Doesn't mean he invented THE email system.

So Tomlinson's system couldn't send email across networks? Neither could the 14-year-old's.

Go spend a couple days reading up on the history of computer networks and come back and talk to us. In the 1960s and 1970s, networks generally didn't talk to each other. Even into the 1990s, this persisted as something of an issue (why, when I wrote a book about the Internet, way back in '93, I had to devote space to how to get email from one network to another). But of the two systems at issue here, one was developed on what turned into the Internet, which pretty much subsumed or replaced other networks, the other wasn't. Can you figure out whose? Here's a hint.

Copyright doesn't mean shit in terms of inventing something. Here's a question for the reader: Disney copyrighted a cartoon movie called "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Does that mean Disney invented the idea of a hunchback who lived in Notre Dame Cathedral?

Finally, we have the legal system. You've been around UHub long enough that surely you remember when the serial lawsuit bringer sued a Web site for claiming he didn't invent email and lost. And don't worry: The judge considered the earlier Gawker case and concluded Ayyadurai didn't necessarily prove his case there, either, because Gawker, in the throes of bankruptcy due to the Hulk Hogan case, simply gave up and folded.

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No word yet on whether Laurence Lundblade is going to sue the boreal forests because he invented Pine.

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And don't forget pico while you're at it ...

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I love the fact that these frauds dumped a bunch of money down this grifter. They both lose!

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How do his employees feel about this? How do all the people who order from Amazon feel about this?

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This schmuck has a job? Where? I wouldn't send him for sandwiches.

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Sandwich management can be a nightmare with certain "people" and their special or ambiguous requests. Likewise, sandwich logistics are not always as simple as they may seem.

Considering that most of the restaurants my workplace has ordered from cannot match the order provided to them in their preferred format via theit website or third-party app, and which can presumably be referred to for check the order before delivery or pickup, some disruptive AI may come to the aid of our peckish coworkers so they receive what they ordered.

If you want it done right, pack your lunch yourself.

Personally I would like to hire whats-his-face just for the opportunity to inform him that he did his work poorly or wrong and the record his lengthy rebuttal and see him go through the management chain to try to either get some sort of monetary settlement from his imagined slight or just to get attention.

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MIT should hire people who never had to deal with him to take good look at his dissertation. I suspect his committee just passed him to not have to deal with his shit anymore.

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The dude has a biographical note in his fucking dissertation about inventing email. Good lord he's insufferable.

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but it isn't my field so I have no idea if he's full of shit or not.

That said, four pages of acknowledgments and a biographical note? Get over yourself, pal, it's just a dissertation.

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I don't have expertise in his field … but I do know he's generally full of shit.

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page ix, emphasis mine:

one of the world's first E-Mail system [sic]

so, not the very first. therefore, not the inventor.

thanks for clearing that up more than 10 years ago, Shiva.

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to the "biology" part, but the "computational" part is a hot mess. The bits of code he's chosen to include are incredibly trivial... I can't imagine why anyone would include a sample driver file in a Ph.D thesis, unless he was hoping to impress/intimidate a non-technical reader by throwing in C code to prove he's smart. His phrasing is bizarre--apparently no one ever bothered to tell him that the plural of "source code" is not "source codes", and he makes some rudimentary errors in describing things like software objects, so the whole thing reads like it was written by someone has never actually written a line of code. None of his diagrams have anything to do with what he's talking about--they're non-sequiturs that look like they're there to pad the page count.

If I was a peer reviewer and this was submitted to, like, an ACM journal or something, I would bounce it completely. He's offering up what he says is a generalized way of essentially bolting together different parts of a computational biology "pipeline," and the intro as much as says he built it because there's no generalized solution available already. The thesis defense was in 2007, and if there was indeed no general solution available in 2007, I'll eat my hat. There's no discussion of complexity/runtime (literally the first thing you talk about), the code samples included are written at a CS101 level, and his grasp of software development fundamentals is so poor that it affects every part of the design and discussion. The fact that this was accepted as a Ph.D thesis is surprising; the fact that MIT accepted it is mind boggling.

This intro paragraph is really something.

1.1 The Complexity of Biology
Biology is a field based on experiments, not first principles (ab initio) such as
physics or engineering. It is fundamentally an experimental science. Biologists
do many experiments to understand genes, proteins, protein-protein interactions.

It's not hard to believe that the author of this dog's breakfast has become a prominent anti-vaxxer, or that he's carrying water for the lunatic fringe of the GOP.

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This idiot needs to be ignored, plain and simple

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But I was saying that about Trump back in 2015, when I was seriously underestimating how many truly stupid people there are.

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what is it about being patently insane that money is so attracted to?

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But, seriously Adam. You seem to have some sort of fatal attraction to this guy. I wouldn't know who he is if not for you and he certainly would not be in the news if not for you. Now, that is actually what is your greatest strength--reporting things other outlets don't.

That said, isn't this sort of becoming you following around the crazy guy on the orange line who spouts off every day about how

"Face coverings won't save you if Jesus Christ wants you dead. Pow. Zoom. You're gone."

I see him 3 or more times a week. I feel this in a way is you following him around and reporting on him. He obviously has issues and the compassionate of us leave him be. I feel you can do the same.

Orange line face covering naysayer is more applicable news to Bostonians than the "E-Mail Inventor" at this point. I think it is time to give up the ghost. But grind your axe, Adam, if you must.

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Shiva deserves all the attention he receives. He is a fantastic morality tale of what can happen to a person who graduates from an international school and yet winds up following whatever "demons" possess him. That alone makes continuing to tell the tale of Shiva well worth the time and pixels.

But Shiva raises other more important questions. Clearly he perceives a reality that is extremely subjective and bears little relationship to the perception of the vast majority of people. Yet he acts as a magnet for like minded individuals. He highlights that there is a portion of US citizenry which wields authority and power, yet suffer a mental illness that makes them genuinely dangerous to the common good due to the chaos they seek to sow.

For reason too lengthy for this place, there are many US citizens who no longer have any sense of reality. That is a reality where there are objectively agreed facts, where fantasies of bamboo votes, or bizarre demands of making secret ballots (hint: ballots are supposed to always be secret) available to public inspection.

Shiva comes across as a buffoon. But he and his ilk are dangerous buffoons. When that danger is ignored then that danger turns into a poison in the body politic.

Hopefully, eventually, Shiva will go the way of Lyndon LaRouche. On the other hand he could wind up being a man who follows in the footsteps of L. Ron Hubbard, David Koresh, the madness of Heaven's Gate or Jim Jones.

Shiva comes across as silly, "out there," down right nutty. But in the US of A the most absurd people can become either leaders that create cults that become religions or become people who are mass murderers, and anything in between.

I do wonder what the powers of MIT think about the degrees they bestowed. Isn't there some expectation of honesty, integrity and even dignity from the recipients of college degrees?

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Well thought and stated. Thank you.

Questions for you.

Apparently he has been at these efforts for quite some time. What evidence is there that he has any kind of support? The only persons I know who seem to follow him are Adam and Swirly, and they follow him as a prophylactic rather than a sycophant. Isn't the promulgation of his actions more a deflection from him toward some assumed support yet to be evidenced rather than an actual potential of becoming those madmen you suggest? Isn't the raising of his profile preventative political carpet bombing? Who claims this guy? Who defends him?

Methinks he as batshit crazy as orange line maskless guy, or Doug with the spray painted signs all over Boston, but I accept your reply and rationale. Just not so sure he is worthy of the profile.

Let's all be happy he didn't retreat to a cabin and begin mailing bombs like someone else from our local elite "International School(s)" who had other opinions about the problems of society. I believe we can still read his manifesto.

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That International School deserves more credit for their psychological torture and injury of Cabin Boy than they get.

You know... partial credit.

But hey. To make a psychological study omelette, you gotta break a few eggheads.

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There is a JP pizza place that had a sign promoting Shiva in the last election. He has supporters. Fewer in Massachusetts than he wants. But nothing prevents him from moving to a state where he thinks he can find more supporters. Mitt lost in his run for Senator and Pres while based in Massachusetts. Now Mitt is Senator from Utah.

The ironies there are fun. While his predecessor was not known for being a man of the 20th century, Orrin Hatch was known for his collegial relationship with the man that Mitt lost to in the Senate race. Color this the incest of politics.

Please forgive my reference to a certain mustachioed fellow of the 30s. He was a minor fellow, of no importance to anyone but himself. Yet he managed to take over and lead to horrific dominance a minor political party. He managed that conversion in spite of having spent time in jail, writing an insane manifesto, and preaching god awful hate.

While there are vast dissimilarities between now and here, versus then and there, fundamental similarities remain

Mob rule. January 6th was an action of mob rule instigated by a madman. While the madman ran away to his lair, the madness he unleashed, or let's say that Pandora's Box that he opened, continues to release malodorous and miasmic vapors poisoning the body politic. This weirdly parallels the fire of the Reichstag. But our Capital did not burn.

The man Shiva could easily assist as a secretary or minister, has as one of his major supporters, a man known for pillows. Not unlike Adolf's chicken farmer.

In the 30s demagogues had the nation's attention. Huey Long and Gerald L. K. Smith, Charles Coughlin an)d Francis Townsend. There was also the Eugenics Movement. The Depression aided in the rise of demagogues. That could have happened in 2008. Trump hoped for that to be a side effect of Covid.

In the early 20th century the Eugenics Movement was strong. Today there are still people who believe in a eugenics.

Dissimilarities and similarities. I believe that keeping a person such as Shiva in front of news is important. Otherwise he burrows into the undersoil of American psyche, joining with others who spread intellectual and moral poison. He becomes invisible but no less dangerous.

A concern today is that The Holocaust will fade into memory. It will be remembered with ceremonies but ultimately fade away into a tsk tsk of the past. Just as the genocide of Native Americans is usually treated as an unfortunate blip in the progress of the "civilized" man.

Same with the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WW2, without any justice or due process.That is remembered but only as a blip.

Another comparison is slavery. As a nation we still struggle with accepting full spiritual and moral responsibility for "The Peculiar Institution." A significant part of the electorate still values valorizes the people who pushed the nation into a civil war of gross bloodshed.

The American memory sucks. So in my mind Adam does a great service by the action paying attention to at least one of the new crop of demagogues that live among us.

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And deserves as much coverage (and then some) as he receives from Adam and elsewhere.

True, times were so much simpler when Shiva was just being arrested for domestic abuse...but his narcissism (among other ills) required him continually attempt to. thrust himself into the national spotlight espousing all sorts of bullshit which he does with predictable outcomes.

Finally, on a personal note, since I used to work for the guy and know what a disgusting piece of shit he truly is, I'm quite glad Adam keeps us updated on his shenanigans.

Voting closed 43

He is a dangerous lunatic. Dangerous because he speaks a certain sort of knowing gibberish that some people believe to be truth.

Now he's interfering in and attempting to overturn the finalized elections of several states by spewing his technobabble as if he actually knows something.

That puts him well beyond the lunacy of that burned out triple decker owner. Well beyond the seditious spew of that Natick town meeting member.

Voting closed 37

You have to admit, the entertainment factor is worth the price of admission, especially after Adam adds his editorial slant. Normally, I wouldn't read anything about this whacko, but I'm always up for a good chuckle.

Thanks, Adam!

Voting closed 28

I enjoy Dr Shiva being a recurring character in the UHub Boston-as-Springfield tablaeu.

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Reading the various comments posted here today inspired me to look for other comments about him on the web.

The most interesting website I came across (not counting ones that he himself has posted) was from a website sponsored by "Christians addicted to truth", although it appears to be written by one person, or maybe a husband and wife. Their website has a lengthy discussion about our failed Senate candidate and why he is a fraud.

It starts with a critique of his patent applications, the online versions of which are apparently missing key documents. Then it goes into a discussion of the financial backers of his current business enterprise. From there, however, it diverges into the corruption of Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, with connections to the Alibaba corporation of China, Sheryl Sandberg, Larry Summers, Bill Gates, the Mueller Report, and patent attorney Robert Krebs. Something called the Pilgrims Society is also involved, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is supposedly an "American subsidiary" of a British corporation. All of these somehow are co-conspirators with our local politician/entrepreneur, and this is presented as evidence why he is a fraud.

The same authors of that website have also created an online "Temple of Wisdom" and have written on the pivotal role of the Divine Feminine Trinity. One of their web postings is captioned "Trump exposes Queen Elizabeth's secret plan to take over the world." Another says "The world will soon be divided between the DAMAGED vaccinated and the undamaged, 'super powered' unvaccinated who will inherit the Earth."

Gee, with web postings like those, they really seem to be clones of said failed Senate candidate. I would have expected them to be supporters of him; instead they're devoting their energies to explaining why he's a fraud.

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His suit against Bobby Kennedy Jr., with whom he shares many of the same beliefs about vaccines.

Voting closed 8

Did Bobby try to pass himself off as the inventor of dumbass, when that was really Shiva?

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They are competing for the attention of the same pool of marks.

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