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Fake Uber driver already charged with raping eight women passengers now charged with raping a ninth

A Rhode Island man already charged with raping eight women he picked up outside Boston bars and clubs by posing as an Uber driver between 2017 and 2019 was arraigned yesterday for a ninth rape, based on video he recorded on his phone, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Alvin Campbell, 39, of Cumberland, RI, has been behind bars since his arrest in January, 2020 for one rape. He was then indicted for that and seven other alleged rapes.

Authorities allege Campbell prowled areas near Boston bars and clubs, looking for drunk or otherwise impaired women outside, to whom he would pose as an Uber driver, take them somewhere, then rape them in the car - in attacks which he would often video.

According to the DA's office:

As part of the ongoing investigation into these alleged serial attacks, Boston Police detectives obtained a warrant allowing them to search a cloud-based account associated with Mr. Campbell’s cell phone. That search uncovered more video evidence, including footage that the Commonwealth alleges shows him repeatedly raping an unconscious victim in June 2018.

The DA's office says that Campbell lost his right to drive for Uber in 2016, but that when he was arrested, his car "was festooned with Uber stickers and logos.

At his arraignment yesterday, a Suffolk Superior Court judge set an April 27 dangerousness hearing, at which prosecutors will make the case he should remain behind bars without bail for a set period of time as a potential risk to the community.

Innocent, etc.

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This jerkoff's sister is a Boston city councillor? No wonder he a) got a ninth strike and 2) videotaped it.

Meet the new Bulgers.

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He was arrested in January 2020 on one rape allegation. While he was in prison he was charged w/ the 7 other rapes and now charged w/ a 9th after they found a video in the cloud.

Does it matter who they are related to? The stats are out there - it doesn't matter. Women get raped and assaulted by all walks of life every minute of everyday. That's where the outrage should be.

UHUB commenters have always shown they are more concerned about dog poop bags and nip bottles than the constant sexual assault and rape of women. #whywedontreport

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Who they're related to. This is Boston. Justice is absolutely predicated upon that.

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I’m beyond sick of your low grade racism and utter stupidity. You’re a millennial drunk with no past to speak of and definitely no future, so why not spare us all any more of your ill informed folderol and just go back to Vermont?

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I'm going to call you IMAX, because of the sheer amount of projection in that comment.

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that that's the comment you responded to, rather than, you know, all the comments pointing out that you didn't read the article.

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I don't see anything from this story or any linked stories that seem to indicate that the councilor played any role in the arrest or sentencing here. Given that 8 of the 9 charges showed up after he was arrested, I'm not even sure how she would have been involved. I'd love to know what you're pointing to that indicates that this is something that she's in any way responsible for.

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Look, you made the mistake of thinking that the ninth rape was committed after the accused perp was indicted for the previous rapes. A bit of careful reading on your part would have cleared that up, but you didn't do that, and now you have egg on your face. The correct thing to do now is wipe it off and take the L, not double down on a wild accusation arising from your initial error.

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If you can't understand the different access to power that a white Senate president had amassed over a 30+ year career vs. a two term, black City Councilor, you are definitely Libertarian level stupid.

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Are we really trying to make this a woman’s fault?

There’s no evidence investigation was obstructed or he was given any “strikes”.

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I think I want this comment on a T-shirt.

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From an interview last year that touches on both this brother and her other brother, who died in jail while awaiting trial:

Andre’s death would not be the final tragedy in Campbell’s family. Early this year, her older brother, Alvin, was arrested and charged with raping a woman after posing as a rideshare driver — and in July he was charged with sexual assault against seven other women as well. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison. He has pleaded not guilty. “It’s been truly painful, to say the least, and shocking and disheartening,” Campbell said after the initial charges. “I have gone deep in prayer — for the victim and my brother — to respond. But, frankly, it has expanded my purpose, to do the work of interrupting cycles.”

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Well, there you go. Doesn't work with the shootings, what chance does it have with this Brock Turner wannabe?

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.. confirms my already made decision not to vote for her. Nothing to do with her brother though.

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That analogy only works if she is in a position to pass legislation that does anything for this case or issue more broadly. She’s, rightfully, not involved in the case. There’s nothing else she can do besides pray.

It’s really not a good look to try this hard to blame a woman for a man’s actions against other women.

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What else is she supposed to do at this point?

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Or would that be too much work because you've already decided she's to blame for her adult brother?

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But we can blame her parents who got us into this situation...

I mean who names your son Andre and your daughter Andrea? That's punishable by jailtime.

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We are not responsible for what our siblings do.

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