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Fields Corner store was a front for fencing stolen goods, police charge

Arrest in Fields Corner

Suspect arrested. Photo by Live Boston.

Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury man at his Geneva Avenue store on charges related to the $500,000 in stolen merchandise they say he was selling out of the shop.

Juan Marte-Nunez, 35, was charged with five counts of conspiracy, seven counts of receiving stolen property and three counts of aggravated shoplifting, police say, adding additional charges could be forthcoming - conspiracy means others were involved.

Live Boston reports that police found "numerous items that had been stolen from local businesses, numerous home invasions, and other illicit activity" inside Marte Technology. Target was one source of the stolen goods, along with home invasions, street robberies and daily shoplifting from nearby businesses, Live Boston reports, adding that yesterday detectives carried out bags from the store containing all sorts of electronic devices as well as blood-pressure monitors.

Innocent, etc.


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I don’t understand why they’re wearing tee shirts and jeans instead of their uniforms, but I’m glad to know that every one of these public servants is vaccinated against and thus significantly less likely to die from COVID :)

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How do you know if they are vaccinated or not from pictures?

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You know, I thought they were required to be vaccinated by now, but 1. there’s a weekly testing option for Boston employees, and 2. police weren’t in the first wave of employees subject to the vaccinate-or-test option. Here’s hoping that newly-emboldened Janey gets rid the testing option and enforces the requirement on public safety employees.


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But you still can't tell who is vaccinated or unvaccinated from a picture..

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You can tell by the dilation of the pupils.

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so they must be vaccinated.

because the police would never, ever, break a law or mandate.


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I became aware of how widespread the shoplifting of common items is when I saw the local CVS locking up the toothpaste (for the oblivious me - these aren't diamonds or expensive electronics). Most recently they have locked up the pistachio nuts (of course there are large scale large scale theft problems, but that is a difference situation.)

Oddly, most of these things aren't locked up at the local mini Target.

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Has almost everything behind plastic sliding doors which are locked.

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Chelsea CVS is the same.

At the rate things are moving under locked shelves or behind the pharmacy counter, we might as well go back to the way things were prior to the 1950s. A service counter.

You would walk up with your list, hand it to the attendant and they would get everything for y ou as it was behind the counter.

Only since the 1950s and the self service shopping method came into standard practice for retail. Prior to that, picking your own items off the shelf was unheard of.

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I think a lot of this stuff is actually stolen in an organized fashion and resold by third parties on Amazon. If they're looking for a big-time fence, they should probably be locking up Bezos...

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because they are small and expensive.

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Magoo tried to get Magoo’s favorite gum, chiclets, but it was behind titanium encased glass. This made Magoo so sad. Magoo.

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As a former crackhead of back in the day, I used to shoplift like crazy. My dealers had so many stolen vcrs in their apartments because they would give me crack. When I couldn't unload on the dealer anymore, I would then go to the bodegas, beauty salons, and barbershops in Egelston and Jackson Squares. To the owners of these places of business: don't cave in to the desperations of an addict trying to sell you shit they stole for their habit. It can make you go to jail. Undercover detectives are everywhere. Now there's a new generation of addicts now but the games we play have always been the same.

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