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Fireworks scares off Aly Raisman's pup, now roaming the Seaport


Aly Raisman (yes, that Aly Raisman) reports:

To my followers in the seaport/Boston area…my dog Mylo was terrified of fireworks and ran off. He has a tag on and a leash. Please let me know if you see him. Thank you.

Update: Don't actively search for him or yell his name.


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I hope she finds her dog and all, but isn't walking a skittish dog in the middle of a huge Forth of July fireworks display one of those things, like spitting on a lightbulb or licking a flagpole during a polar vortex, that you just aren't supposed to do if you have any common sense? BTW the fireworks were great this year!

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It’s neither the “forth” of July nor the Fourth of July. Save the fireworks for tomorrow because the third of July is not a holiday.

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The dog may have needed to do his business. Perhaps she didn’t know her dog reacts badly to fireworks. Any number of reasons.

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Perhaps she didn’t know her dog reacts badly to fireworks.

How would she? It's a puppy. She might know that dogs don't like them. Since she has spent all her time for the last 20 years doing gymnastics, she may never have had a dog before, and might not even know that.

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Aah… spitting on a lightbulb will soon be a meaningless phrase.
Thanks for reminding me that time passes and the language may not even change (as it often does without my permission) but the world changes to make idioms and similes into nonsense.

I hope the puppy is reunited with its guardians.

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Give her your address. He can do his business in your living room.

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Having this event at all, during a steady pouring rain, was a poor choice. Why didn't they postpone it to Monday evening when people might be able to enjoy it?

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Why you hatin’ on rain?

Put on proper attire and enjoy being outside despite your negative viewpoint.
It isn’t that bad, honestly.

If you prefer drought, keep it to yourself.

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Having them during downpours kind of defeats the purpose of having them.

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If you prefer drought, keep it to yourself.

People in Boston don't have the first idea what a drought is.

Holding a fireworks show in a rain storm is embarrassingly stupid.

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One of the fastest growing crime is dognapping, hopefully Aly finds Mylo before they do.

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If it hadn't run away yesterday, it would today.

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