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Former MBTA safety head says he was fired for bringing up safety issues, sues

Ronald Nickle, fired as MBTA chief safety officer in 2019, last week sued the T for damages, alleging he was fired for blowing the whistle on Green Line and Green Line Extension safety issues the system wanted covered up.

In his suit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court last week, Nickle said his superiors tried to keep him from telling federal investigators that a Green Line derailment was caused by failure to follow a 2015 report calling for track repairs, and that the T was especially keen on keeping him from talking to federal investigators about several near-miss incidents involving workers building the Green Line Extension right next to an active commuter-rail line.

After he first raised the issues publicly following his 2019 firing, the MBTA responded he wasn't fired for bringing up safety issues but for complaints from subordinates about his "demeaning and condescending management style” and unwillingness to listen to other opinions, the Engineering News-Record reported, adding the T claimed his complaints were full of lies.

The Memphis Area Transit Authority hired Nickle, 64, as its chief safety and security officer this past October.

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If I were betting on which side is telling the truth, I'd be all-in on Mr. Nickle given the MBTA's record on truthfulness, safety, and general competence.

[Nickle was fired for his] unwillingness to listen to other opinions

Nickle: "This is a safety concern."
MBTA: "Well, I guess that's one way to look at it. But hear us out..."


Joe Pesarturo professional liar MBTA spokesperson.


To all those former employees and whistle blowers suing the MBTA remember back to your childhood days playing tag " Your it." and the MBTA will spend millions of dollars to pay Denny Crane and Allan Shore to destroy you.