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Three months of free bus service on Blue Hill Avenue starts in August

Acting Mayor Kim Janey announced today that, yes, that free Rte. 28 service she prematurely announced in May is really happening this time. Starts Aug. 29 and runs for three months as a pilot on the entire route, from Mattapan Square to Ruggles via Nubian Square.

The city is spending $500,000 on the pilot on the route, one of the busiest in the T system.

The Boston Transportation Department and the MBTA will jointly manage the pilot program, making any adjustments as necessary. To evaluate the pilot, the agencies will be collecting operational data and conducting rider surveys. Key metrics relative to the goals of the initiative include travel time impacts, on-time reliability, rider experience, and ridership.


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Costs $500,000 to implement it, after that it will be totally free ?

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…but you knew that. please though, feel free to wax pedantic about taxation and generational debt under my post.

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Is that?

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impressive! under my comment*

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And double speak?
I wasnt being pedantic, I was posting my thoughts. You are free to disagree, and free as in actually free.

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This is not double-speak. "Free" obviously means the rider doesn't pay, not that nobody pays. Everything costs something and also everybody knows that.

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then its not actually free, since posting is costing Adam Gaffin some amount of server fees (which hopefully he's making up for via donations and ads). Everything has a cost; most adults are smart enough to realize that "someone somewhere has to pay for this" isn't actually an argument on its own.

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It was an observation

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As a Boston taxpayer, I think this is a great use of city funds and we should do much more of it. This is how I want my money to be spent.

Hey look, I expressed my opinion clearly and directly instead of using sarcasm!

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But I wondering if the riders of the 23 and 22 bus routes will wonder why they are being kicked off their buses for failure to pay.

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both of which also overlap the 28 for significant distances.

Also, people who transfer from the 28 to the subway, or vice versa, will still pay the same fare as before. The beneficiaries are the people who take *only* this bus and don't transfer to or from anything else at either end.

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