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Friends raise funds for family burned out of Jamaica Plain house

A friend has set up a GoFundMe page for the family whose Sunnyside Street home suffered major damage in a fire on Monday.

Since the house no longer had a mortgage, the family no longer has homeowner's insurance. Therefore, all costs to rebuild and fix this house will need to come from outside sources. Carmen and Ray are like 2nd parents to many of us and are always willing to help and care for anyone. They are always generous, loving, and caring. They would never ask for this support by themselves. This is a very difficult time for them and they are humbled by the amazing and generous support already, but need our help.




Link to Gofundme not correct

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"Since the house no longer had a mortgage, the family no longer has homeowner's insurance.". This is a faulty reasoning. Please get home, health, life insurance, if you have any means to do so.

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For whatever reasons they just didn't keep up with the homeowners insurance and weren't required to because they owned the house outright. Never a good idea, that's for sure.

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I understand when RENTERS don't have insurance and lose everything. (HINT: Renters insurance is pretty cheap and could be life-changing if you have a fire.) But to own a home and not have insurance? OMG. There almost aught to be a law that you have to have insurance, but even I can see where that would be an overreach by the government.

So sad....

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Yeah, I know, but... don't judge.
I know the family, and am a bit surprised if it is the case, but-
- I've verified that the appeal is legit, set up by someone close to them, for them and they know about it & approve. I have no qualms about donating.
- There are other explanations besides "surprising decision". It might be a question of means, and/or the person who wrote the appeal misinterpreting or misstating limits of coverage or high deductibles as "no insurance".

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I almost didn't post anything, since I don't want to hit someone when they are down.

The gofundme still won't make them whole, but I'm glad it can help.

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The original report talked about firefighters having to navigate a hoarded home, so it may simply be detachment from reality.

My mom cancelled the homeowner's insurance because she thought it was too expensive on a monthly basis and my dad reinstated it because he wasn't crazy.

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For assets you couldn't easily cover.

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To not have homeowners insurance is irresponsible, regardless of the affordability. If you can't afford replacement coverage with a $1,000 deductible plus the cost of property taxes you have no business owning that home. It is time to sell it, take the cash, buy something affordable, put the remainder in an annuity and live out your life.

I know people will say it's their home and why should they have to leave it. OK, but you either have to be able to afford insurance, taxes and maintenance or you have to find somewhere that you can afford to live. The real estate market is crazy and they would have received a million tax free for that house. At least they still have an option.

Now, a GoFundMe campaign will help with the temporary needs but now it is time to sell the land. It still holds a lot of value and a developer will pay cash, tear down what's left, build a home for someone else who needs one and they can try and make a go with what they receive. I wish them well.

Homeownership is a responsibility. These people seem to have friends willing to help now, It's a real shame those friends didn't help with advice and support before the fire.

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It could have been pushed to the bottom of the pile because of job losses that hit some households very hard.

I would normally agree with you, but this was not a typical year. What seems like a small and prudent expense for many may have meant not eating or not paying utility bills or other nasty tradeoffs this last spring,

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