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Frozen hydrants hamper firefighters at two Dorchester fires

Fuller Street fire

Fuller Street fire. Photo by BFD.

GoFundMe page for one of the Fuller Street residents.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to 110 Fuller St. around 1:30 p.m. for a fire that went to three alarms in part because no water came from nearby frozen hydrants.

The BFD motor department was summoned and heated the hydrants enough to get the water flowing.

The department reports one firefighter was injured and taken to a local hospital. Some 16 residents and 3 pets were displaced.

Around 11:45 p.m. on Friday, firefighters encountered similar hydrant problems when they responded to a fire at 9 Roach St., the department reports.

Four residents and a dog were safely evacuated from the two-alarm fire and there were no injuries despite all the water quickly turning to ice. The department estimated damage at $150,000

Roach Street. Photo by BFD:

Firefighters at Roach Street


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Add 14 Verrill Street to the 3rd floor fire list.
I used to live tbere.

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Glad you are alive to appreciate the simple joys of having UHub as the local news source to expose what other sources don't or won't. I too am a survivor of fire. Once as a small child and then in my late 30s. It's fucking scary and life changing.

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I actually drove by this, this morning. Awful. The top floor was engulfed in flames, pouring out into the street. The fire department was just arriving and other engines coming from different directions. God bless these families and responders. It too damn cold out.

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In this cold weather people are using space heaters more often. Older buildings have electrical issues. The news the other day said Massachusetts gets a failing grade (among other things) when it comes to smoking prevention. Flame candles are still being sold. I don't know what the cause of the daily fires is that we read about but I do know it's one or more of these causes.

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Sometimes landlords even refuse to fix heat and TELL tenants to just leave the oven on and open.

On the other hand I once had guests who would come here, turn on old cheap space heaters, then bugger off for hours to go get dinner or whatever. I could not convince them that this was unacceptable in my wood balloon-frame house.

The smoke detectors might or might not go off in time to let me evacuate but the house would be a goner.

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