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Going for a Constitutional on the Fourth of July

USS Constitution in Boston Harbor

Matt Frank made sure to get a good spot to watch one of his favorite July Fourth traditions: The USS Constitution's stately tour of Boston Harbor.

USS Constitution headed back to the Charlestown Navy Yard

He wasn't alone.

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You always manage make me smile on days that have been slowly loosing their festivity for me personally. Thanks dude.

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Several of those photos are very nice, but you led with the best one. The use of black and white goes well with the archaic elements in the subject, and captures the glowering sky in a way that color doesn’t.

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I agree. The b/w photo is hauntingly beautiful.

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I love high contrast , noir style shots. Those clouds were the perfect set up for that.

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Thank you both for the kind words. A few years back I learned to stop fighting with obstacles and embrace them instead. I took a bunch of photos knowing I had to go black and white Because of the fog, that color was going to look weird so why even try (unless there was a cool vibrant color shining through on the subject of focus!)

I never thought of this as a post card but I see it now. Great suggestion.

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