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Group proposes four-story arts building on West Newton Street in the South End

Proposed arts builidng on West Newton Street

Rendering by STUDIO ENÉE and AnnBeha Architects.

Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción yesterday filed plans with the BPDA for a new home for the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts: A four-story building where the former All Saints Lutheran Church used to be, at 85 West Newton St. in IBA's Villa Victoria housing complex.

The former church had been the center's home until last year, when IBA tore it down before it could fall down.

The new building will include exhibit space, classrooms and IBA offices, under the group's proposal.

Currently, the 85 West Newton Street parcel is vacant, and could attract unwelcome activity. IBA is eager to redevelop the parcel. The building also will house educational and arts programs, office space, and community services, making it an active place that improves urban condition of the O’Day playground and West Newton Street areas. The new Multipurpose Community Arts Center will provide integrated landscape lighting along its facade and the public alley to improve visibility and safety.

IBA’s goal is to design a building that is colorful and that unites the beauty of Puerto Rican, Latin-Caribbean culture with Boston’s local architecture heritage. The proposed building will honor the past and look forward with hope for the community’s future.

85 West Newton St. filings and calendar.

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Could they design a more generic and soulless building?

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Makes me think, Puerto Rico!

Also, lacks birds.

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MIXED Martial Arts
Liberal Arts
Dark Arts
Domestic Arts
Arts of the Deals

I welcome the arts!

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