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Grove Hall getting some new one-way streets as part of plan to slow traffic and reduce crashes

State Rep. Liz Miranda reports that over the next two to three weeks, city crews will be converting several two-way streets into one-way streets in the Grove Hall area as part of an overall plan to reduce crashes, especially involving pedestrians, by doing what speed-limit signs don't: Force drivers to slow down.

Dacia St. will be one-way from Dewey St. heading toward Quincy St..Beauford Lane will be one-way from Howard Avenue heading toward Dacia Street. Cunningham Street will be converted to one-way from Hartford Street heading toward Howard Avenue. Wayland Street will be converted to one-way from Howard Avenue heading toward Hartford Street.

The Grove Hall/Quincy Corridor neighborhood slow-streets plan also includes the installation of numerous speed humps and raised pedestrian crosswalks and, in one case, even changing the geometry of one curved stretch of road to try to get drivers to stop accelerating through the curve. Several intersections will also have no-parking areas marked off to improve visibility there.

The area stretches from Quincy Street to Geneva Avenue and Washington Street and between Blue Hill Avenue and Columbia Road.

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I hope we can do this on King Street as well.

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That's an interesting decision, because I have read over the last few years that one way streets encourage speeding because there is no friction from oncoming traffic.

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It still breaks up the route and overall slows traffic.

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You can't ticket speeding drivers. That's systemic racism.

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Speed humps, raised crosswalks and improved visibility are very good things.
I’d like to see one way streets designated one way for motor vehicles only. Bikes should be allowed to use them both ways.

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...and it's pretty great.

(Except for the one or two confused and angry drivers where I've had to point at the signs and pavement markings, of course.)

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I’m pretty sure Beauford Lane is already a one way from Howard to Dacia... am I missing something here???

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Most of what is shown is really only "Grove Hall" because it's not especially anything else.
This proposal really is very few new or changed one-way streets, and mostly north of Quincy Street.

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