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Like a hailstone the size of a bowling ball, only metal

Jesse Haley reports he was waiting for the light at Edward Everett Square in Dorchester this afternoon when he noticed a nearby flagpole, on Columbia Road, was swaying in the wind like nobody's business. And then:

Loud clanging noises, suddenly the round metal ball at the very top of the pole flew off and crashed into the street 10 feet away from me. Wild out there!

I was looking through my sun roof and for a split second I thought that ball on top was incoming. No way that pole was designed to sway like that, it looked like a windshield wiper.


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Is his sunroof ok?

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I used to live on Columbia. It split in some storm and came down. I don't know if the new one was made of wood or metal. I think it is lit so the flag can be up at night, but I haven't seen it monitored like flags in front of government buildings. There is an historic home close by. I think they had to raise money to repair it the last time. the broken beam was there a while. I am not sure I would support replacing this unless it is made safer.

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If it had hit them it would have been "finale".

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