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Harvard's big parking lot

That would be Allston, according to Giles Li, who explains what he doesn't like about the Big Crimson, including its plans for the neighborhood:

... When they released their plans to expand the Harvard campus more seriously into Allston last January, it was clear they'd never approached community leaders in the neighborhood for real input, and a year later still have not. They act as though Allston is a big parking lot, and not a vital part of the urban landscape. Harvard says it will create 14,000 jobs by building in Allston…in 50 years. So that'll be great for the Brazilian, Korean, and Russian immigrant communities there ... or not, since they will all have been priced out of the neighborhood 45 years prior. ...

Via Harry Mattison.


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Barry's Corner is "vibrant"? Evidently I'm unclear as to the definition of vibrant!

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Barry's Corner is not vibrant. But it could be. Harvard owns enough land in and around it to make it wonderful. The big question is for how long Harvard will leave it and the rest of Western Ave between North Harvard St and Watertown as an unattractive collection of vacant buildings and under-utilized property? Many of us in Allston and Brighton eagerly look forward to the transformation that is possible.

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