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A hazy start to the day due to wildfires in western Canada and US

Haze over South Boston

BostonTimelapse captured the haze over South Boston from the NPS Dorchester Heights camera this morning.

Nathaniel Stinnett got a similar view of the fire-generated, high-altitude haze, across Boston Harbor at the Charlestown Navy Yard:

Haze above the USS Constitution


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Looking at the smoke map overlaid into the wind map it looks like we may get a thicker layer if it doesn't back up soon

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Which map are you using? I'm using https://fire.airnow.gov/# (zoom out for the big picture).

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That's pretty much the only one out there. The clouds been kind of forming a horse shoe around us for a while. I also go on Instagram and search wildfire and different cities to see if anyone is reporting those muted sunsets

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Maybe tomorrow the rain will clear some of that out.

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An area that claims to want to join a new state of "Greater Idaho" (and that sent its state reps scuttling there to kill quorum and prevent votes on consensus-built climate and forestry bills several years ago - and Tucker said nothing ...) is now sending its resource base straight into the maw of the International Atmospheric Cabal.

Still makes me sad when my state of origin comes to visit me.

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