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Hey, Arborway drivers: Look at the road, not the pretty trees, while you're speeding along

Knocked down fence on the Arborway

A roving UHub photographer reports that twice in the past couple of weeks, somebody has jumped the curb and taken out the wrought-iron fences on the median on the Arborway between Forest Hills and the Rotary o' Doom and suggest maybe people try driving just a tad slower, even if they are trying to make up for all the time they just spent trying to get from the Jamaicaway to Forest Hills though the semi-newly reconfigured big-ass roundabout.

Well, at least they're no longer taking out light fixtures.

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wearing headphones, ….

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6" wide bike lane of death

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I thought Circuit Drive/Morton was the Rotary o' Doom? I mean they did basically did away with it recently and traffic seem to be flowing a lot smoother now. What streets do the new title holder join together?

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