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High Street downtown shut as police investigate accident involving workers in a trench

Update: Two workers died.

Police have shut off High Street between Oliver Street and Purchase Street. First responders initially focused on a truck parked near the Panera at the corner of High and Purchase - and two workers in a trench. A crane was being brought in to remove the truck.

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"...body recovery..."??


Meanwhile, the cheerful people on 1030 have been telling us about bringing in the crane to lift the truck off of the trench and everything is calm and smooth there with fire department there and EMS will see if they need any attention, etc...

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That explains the choppers creating all the noise downtown. They will not be able to get any major video from that height except for the one shot with a lot of emergency vehicles and the truck so please take the 2 minute video and then fly away. Thoughts for the families affected by this accident.

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Probably needs an update post, Adam.

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