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Hotel not to blame for one man robbed by a multi-tasking prostitute and for another tased by a would-be Tinder hookup, board rules

The Boston Licensing Board concluded this week that the Hyatt Regency on Avenue de Lafayette was not to blame for two incidents in which men were robbed in hotel rooms.

The board did ask the hotel to supply a detailed Covid-19 response plan, however.

At a hearing on Tuesday, the board heard BPD detectives describe an incident in which a man said a lady of the evening managed to lift $4,000 in cash from his clothing even as she was performing oral sex on him and another in which a man who met up with a female guest he'd found on Tinder was tased and then robbed of a lesser amount. The hotel was issued citations for both, one for allowing prostitution, the other for an armed robbery.

The hotel's attorney argued that both incidents were arranged via private channels and took place in the privacy of guest rooms, so there was no way the hotel could have known they would happen or be blamed for them. He noted hotel workers cooperated with police and gave officers quick access to surveillance video of the public areas in the hotel - where the parties met, but where nothing untoward happened.


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Hope the "victims" were cited for solicitation of sex for fee, there are no victimless crimes and the people buying sex are a big part of human trafficking.

Waiting for Herald headline : "Syphilis Epidemic in Metro Boston".

The good partners of the hotel prostitution client is in for a doozy of shame and anger,
when this STD hits suburban shop for sex clients home.

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You mean "victim" singular. The 2nd guy was just meeting someone on Tinder.

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Regulate and tax. You can’t ban the world’s oldest profession.

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since otherwise human trafficking victims won't be safe in coming to police.

Even better, but a lot more work to implement, would be legalizing prostitution but with regulation to protect against human trafficking. I'm not entirely sure how this would work -- maybe a basic licensing process with a confirmation of consent, and making it only illegal to buy sex from unlicensed sex workers.

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Tinder, like the rest of silicon valley, is all about privatizing pleasure and socializing costs. Stop spending taxpayer money on these dupes.

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