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House with three apartments in Andrew Square could be replaced with larger condo building

Rendering of proposed 44 Ellery St. in South Boston

Rendering by Tim Johnson Architect.

The new owners of a two-story, three-family house at 44 Ellery St. in South Boston's Andrew Square have filed plans to replace it with a six-story,18-unit condo building.

In a filing with the BPDA last week, Malcolm Barber and Niall Dowdall, said the project, a short walk from the Andrew Square T stop, would have six parking spaces.

Three of the condos would be sold as affordable.

They paid $2.6 million for the building last month and say construction will cost $7 million. They hope to begin construction in mid-2022, with completion scheduled for the end of 2023.

Their filing describes the design:

Contextually, the proposed six-story building takes its design cues from new residential and mixed-use projects near the project site, including multi-story multi-family buildings currently under construction or recently completed or approved; to wit: buildings setback from the street 10-15 feet, providing increased public realm area; multiple units facing the street (symbolized by bay windows),and either commercial space or garages at the ground floor. The proposed building’s interface with the public realm is celebrated with a landscaped front yard dotted with street trees. The private realm, quantified by usable open space, consists of dedicated balconies and roof decks.

44 Ellery St. filings and calendar.


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