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Is this how they get flatbread pizza?

Storrowed pizza truck at the BU Bridge

Chris in 02134 reports the driver of an Oath Pizza box truck storrowed but good at the train bridge under the BU Bridge tonight:

Meanest Storrowing I’ve seen. ⁦Oath Pizza truck body completely separated from truck chassis and laying on its side after BU train bridge strike

Chris stuck around for awhile to watch just how one removes a disembodied box truck removed from the road they should rename Sorrow Drive:

The only place in America where a plane can fly over a car that drives over a train that goes over a truck that just storrowed.




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I can't even tell what I'm looking at. To the right, that's the underside of the "box" portion of the truck, right? And the logo is on the part that was the back end. So... where did the wheels go? I guess they were on some kind of narrow chassis under the box, sitting between the shiny cylinders and those black boxy things?

I'm struggling to figure out how it would have all separated. Perhaps the front of the box lifted up, giving space for the chassis to continue forward?

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From The Google, it looks like their truck box may be a modified shipping container, so it may have been secured using the 4 pin connections on the corners. There isn't much that holds a container down to the truck carrying it...

The sides that are facing the camera are the back doors of the container, and the underside of it.


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This is a local company, not a national chain. Anyone working for them should know better.

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They're 'local', from Nantucket. Less chances to storrow on the cape.

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--> Flatbed pizza

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