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If at first you don't succeed: South Boston Foodies finally gets a beer and wine license

The Boston Licensing Board voted yesterday to grant Foodies, 230 West Broadway, the beer-and-wine license it had been denied repeatedly in recent years.

By a 2-1 vote, the board said Foodies could begin selling beer and wine to go with its prepared foods and other offerings - but ordered that the market not sell kegs or single bottles of beer.

As they had in the past, some nearby residents and one liquor store voiced their opposition at a board hearing on Tuesday, arguing South Boston already had enough places to buy alcohol and that what South Boston needs is more food options, not more booze options.

Foodies argued that an alcohol license was vital to its long-term future and that the West Broadway area can do with more alcohol purveying because of its explosive growth over the past decade.

The South End Foodies has long had a beer-and-wine license.



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Doesn't South Boston have enough places where people who can't handle booze go to?
More vomit and urine cleanup for homeowners.

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If so, do their customers really strike you as the sort of people to get drunk in an alley?

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Awesome. OBTW this never would have happened in Old Southie.

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