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If you want late-night house parties, move to New York, councilors say

WHDH reports City Councilors Ed Flynn (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Downtown) and Michael Flaherty (at large) have proposed dramatic fine increases for people who throw the sort of raucous late-night parties that might be tolerated well to our south but which are antithetical to the sort of city Boston is.

PDF icon Proposed ordinance105.42 KB

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Can we put them on a bus?

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Five car doesn't take the bus.

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This is handled with an unarmed response. No need for guns if it is people throwing ping pong balls.

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will be sufficient to control a wild pack of City Councilors on the rant.

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Will this include something comprehensive enough to address disruptive stuff like fireworks, and dirt-bike stunting in the streets - or will it be the usual "do nothing and mark the 311 ticket closed two weeks later" bullshit?

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A van shows up with some nurses and needles, and if anyone hasn't been vaccinated, they give them a shot.

And if everyone has, well, party on.

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Southie will next ban dancing

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Will be as successful as the enforcement of masks on the MBTA. This crackdown will be as successful as the enforcement of illegal dirtbikes at Franklin Park. These crackdown will be as successful as the crackdown on the sale of drugs on the methadone mile.

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it’s cool for construction noise to go completely unchecked at 7am in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Boston gonna Boston.

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