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The interpretation of development: Builder proposes Brighton apartment building to be called the Sigmund

40 Soldiers Field Place rendering

Rendering by J Garland Enterprises.

A Brookline developer has filed plans for a 61-unit apartment building on Soldiers Field Place, a tiny road off Soldiers Field Road where the developers of two other residential buildings are already embroiled in litigation over zoning variances they got.

In his filing with the BPDA last week, Jeffrey Feuerman said his six-story building, which he plans to call the Sigmund, will have parking space for 44 cars in an underground garage. Like the feuding developers of the other two buildings, Feuerman will need variances from the Zoning Board of Appeal.

The new building would replace a one-story law office.

The proposed building is uniquely sculpted to obtain views of the Charles River. While the podium level remains orthogonal to the adjacent abutting buildings, the upper floors splay along a consistent angle to create vertical open space and increased light, air and views for the residents. The building offers a series of outdoor spaces both public and private at each level. The ground level streetscape and building perimeter is amply landscaped and complimented with directional hardscaped pathways, the second floor includes a common roof deck with direct access from the resident amenity spaces, private inset balconies at the upper floor residential units provide unique views to the Charles and finally a common roof deck at the high roof of the building. The massing and design of the exterior is further complemented by using materials with bold contrast between light and dark. The building’s primary entrance is located along Soldiers Field Place in an effort to better relate to pedestrian movement vs. vehicular movement along Soldiers Field Place.

The building will likely not have any exterior "reflective glass or other reflective materials," so people nearby will not have to worry about being blinded or having plastic car parts melted by glare off the structure.

40 Soldiers Field Place filings and calendar.



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The building softly whispers "tell me about your childhood home".

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Comes with a built-in humidor.

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Construcionus Interruptus

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to move in when flooding reaches it.

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