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It was tool time on the T, at least until the police got to Andrew

Transit Police report officers rushed over to Andrew station on the Red Line Wednesday morning after getting word that two guys had walked out of a Quincy store with several thousand dollars of merchandise they hadn't paid for - and then used the Red Line as their escape route.

Police report that shortly before 8 a.m., the officers "intercepted the alleged perpetrators," and found them in possession of "numerous expensive tools, brand new in original packages/boxes/cases."

Rasheed Suarez, 41, of Roxbury, and David Flecha, 32, of Worcester, were both charged with receiving stolen property, second or subsequent offense. Suarez was also charged with failing to register as a sex offender, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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"I don't think so, Tim."


"We'd have made it if only we had chosen a train that was NOT going towards the point in the T system closest to Transit Police HQ!"


or did you mean Worcester?




They know where their towels are.

It's a nice town in Minnesota - has a famous hospital.

Where people get borcester shots. Fixed.


Your honor, I'd like to point out the defendants realize the damage fossil fuel is causing to the environment which is why they chose to use public transportation for their getaway.


Just wondering why they were not charged with shoplifting?

The police might not have probable cause that the culprits actually stole the items. But they do have probable cause that they possessed stolen items.

through Arlington in the 70s because "crime" can finally say they told us so.


Seeing no mention of tools, or that specific quotation in the linked statement.

I can think of one large tool store adjacent to a Red Line station in Quincy; I'd hate to think that their annoying cameras that beep when they see you in the aisles don't actually deter thieves, but rather just annoy paying customers.

But I was curious what exactly they took, so I e-mailed TPD and asked, and they responded.