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It's back to campus in the fall for Boston University undergraduates and staff

Boston University President Robert Brown announced today that he is hoping to get BU back to as close as normal operations as possible with the fall semester:

We are assuming that by the fall everyone who wishes to be vaccinated (students, staff, and faculty) either will have been before arriving on campus or can be soon after arrival. We also assume that widespread vaccinations will lead to diminished presence of the disease worldwide and allow for the resumption of international travel and the more routine issuance of student visas so that our international students may return. Widespread vaccination and the accompanying diminishing presence of the COVID virus should allow a full return to in-person learning in our classrooms, studios, and laboratories without the social distancing protocols that have been in place since last September.

In his message to the BU community, he said part of this means dropping the remote teaching BU has been doing since last March, save for "some very specific graduate programs."

He added:

As more typical campus life resumes, we are mindful that COVID-19 will not have been eradicated. We will continue to be vigilant, recognizing the potential for new variants of the virus to reduce the efficacy of vaccines. Because of this possibility, we plan to continue our community testing program at some level. The details of this program and other public health protocols that may be needed will be announced during the summer as we get closer to the fall and we learn more about the evolution of COVID-19.

One question that is frequently asked is whether we will require vaccination for those in our on-campus community. It is too early to answer that question, but it is going to be important that we know who has been vaccinated so that we have the potential to adjust our health protocols for these individuals. Surveys that will ask for this information are being developed.

We all yearn for a return to a post-COVID normalcy and for restoration of all elements of our wonderful living and learning campus environment at Boston University. Our hope is that next fall we will take a giant step in that direction.

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