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Up from the dead? Jacob Wirth could re-open after all, with a new owner and an old Newbury Street bar's liquor license

A man who was involved in the mass purchase of Boston dives a few years back has filed plans with the city to re-open the seemingly dead-and-buried Jacob Wirth on Stuart Street.

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Boston Licensing Board next week holds a hearing on a proposal by Julius Sokol of East Boston to re-open the venerable Germanish beer and piano bar on Stuart Street, which seems to signal that plans to convert the water-ravaged space into a marijuana shop have gone up in smoke. The water came from efforts by firefighters in 2018 to put out a fire in the building's upper floors.

Technically, next Wednesday's hearing is on a request from the owner of the old Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury Street to sell its liquor license to Sokol.

Sokol was part of an investment group that bought up the buildings housing such dives as Mary Ann's on Beacon Street in Cleveland Circle, the Tam on Tremont Street in the Theater District and the Beacon Hill Pub on Charles Street in 2018.

The marijuana proposal, which never even got a hearing before the Boston Cannabis Board, was made by a venture affiliated with Boston Ballroom, which owns Club Royale in the Theater District.

Sokol's proposal is now the third for the space. In 2019, another concern proposed turning it into a sports bar.


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That would be amazing!

Now if only we can resurrect Pour House...

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Or Doyles.

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. . . I never got around to eating there.

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Aww, too bad you didn't get there. It was one of the nicest, classiest establishments in Boston. Wonderful food, great ambiance, killer service....a true gem from good ole days gone by.

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The plan remains for the Doyles space to reopen after a bunch of condos gets dropped on top of it. It's supposed to be run by the folks behind Brassica, which bodes well for the quality of the food.

My hope is that they pull this off and lean in a little more towards traditional bar/pub food, as Brassica is great, but too pricey for most of us to eat there even somewhat regularly.

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Might be worth a day working in the office in town!

And Daisy Buch's.... what a throwback to Deloitte Consulting gatherings "in cash only"....

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At least that's what we called it. Never hung out there much, but I remember it being popular with players visiting Fenway and the local women who were attracted to them.

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Only went five or six times. However, the upside was watching John Daly fall to the floor one night after he had been, shockingly, drinking a lot.

Also, getting to thank the great Tim Nahering for having the Sox help out St. Mark's School in Dorchester with some visits and a little cash.

Give Pukes credit, it was one last little piece of Boston on Newbury and not a place for Japanese kids to buy the same boots they could get on the Ginza.

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That’s good news! I hope it works out. With the beautiful old interior restored and a good chef and staff, it could.

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Still miss the Tim's burger

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Loved the old wooden ice box behind the bar. Save the old dives in Boston and neighborhoods from extinction!

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They still have the daisy bucks license on ice? Didn't they close like 7 years ago?

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I remember Jacob Wirth's as being the closest I ever came to drinking in an Old West saloon minus the swinging doors. Great ambiance.

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