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Jamaica Plain bagel place makes exodus; will remain open and maybe expand in Roslindale

Exodus Bagels announced today it will not be reopening its Jamaica Plain outlet, which it had shut during the pandemic last year - but that that means it could be expanding its Roslindale take-out window outside its bagel bakery into something larger.

There were a couple factors that were out of our control that ultimately made the decision for us. Mostly the factors are related to the state of the building. The repairs needed to make it a safe and sound location are beyond a tenant’s scope.

It’s really tough news for us as we have been hopeful we could return at some point but now we know we have permanently closed our JP store and we feel the loss like a fresh wound.

We are very lucky to have our kitchen in Roslindale and that we have started our window service there. We will now focus on expanding our presence in Roslindale and yes…we will always have sights on our JP neighborhood for a return if the right circumstances become available.

There are several vacant storefronts in the immediate vicinity of the Exodus baglery off Belgrade Avenue in Washington, including space in a new residential building right nearing completion right next door and next to Stash's across the street.

When Adam Hirsh first began raising funds for a permanent location for his bagels, he originally proposed turning the entire factory space where he makes bagels now into a bagel-based restaurant, but ran into regulatory and zoning issues related to the use of the space as a restaurant.



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Greene st between the orange line station and washington st. seems ripe for more shopping and restaurants etc. -- given the sort of buildings along there and the proximity to mass transit, it's a bit surprising it's so sleepy. Is it one of those situations where the real estate is too hot for anything other than bank branches? Or is it the usual zoning/permitting fuckery?

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It sounds like the landlord doesn't want to make necessary improvements, which always suck for the tenants.

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I believe the guy who owned the building died a year or two ago. Whoever inherited it is doing nothing apparently. The garden behind the building is a mess now too.

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The pandemic has messed up so many businesses and the people who own them, work at them, and their clients. Thank you, Donald J. Trump!

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I think you mean Xi Jinping.

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Sad news. I work near there in JP and kept hoping they would reopen.

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Don’t cry too hard, Rozzie’s better anyways :)

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Understandable though.

I’d love to see an Exodus bagel stand or food truck at one of the central farmer’s markets.

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