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Julia Child comes to West Roxbury

Old truck in West Roxbury

Prop for Julia Child street scene. Photo by ScaryHiggy.

Well, more accurately, the cast and crew of an HBO mini-series on the spy-turned-chef's life, filming today on the streets of West Roxbury - starting out at St. John Chrysostom Church on Washington Street, which is the field quarters for the production.

ScaryHiggy reports there are a lot of cool old vehicles out today.


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If it covers some of the classic later years, I hope they have an authentic VW Beetle and the local cab company in period colors.

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Whoever is in charge of vehicle selection for this project didn't do such a good job: the front half of this truck is a late 1950s Chevy or GMC, but the bed is from a 1990s truck. That's not exactly authentic or period-correct.

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With what you can get. It wouldn't surprise me if they play with camera angles so one never sees the back of the truck.

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Per Robert Tannenwald, former Vice President and Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston:

Massachusetts’ film tax credit provides an enormous financial cushion to producers who shoot films within the Commonwealth. The credit equals 25 percent of the cost of production, no matter how well the movie does at the box office, how efficiently it is produced, what critics say about it, or whom they hire to make the movie. (Note that the credit is only one way that the Commonwealth subsidizes the film industry. For example, the Commonwealth also exempts qualifying productions from all sales taxes on their purchases of goods and services used in production.)

If the film producer owes no corporate income taxes to Massachusetts because it is covered by other tax shelters or the movie is unprofitable, the Commonwealth will pay the producer 90 cents on the unused tax credit dollar, no strings attached. Or the producer can sell its unused tax credits to a financial intermediary at a modest discount. The financial intermediary then packages and sells the unused credits it acquires to businesses that have nothing to do with filmmaking but can use the tax credits because they owe taxes to Massachusetts. Both options put cash in the producer’s hands.

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Is the title of the documentary gonna be Wild Child? Film the climactic car drag race on Morton St.

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