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Julio Lugo, who played on world-champion Red Sox team in 2007, dead at 45

Lugo uses hidden ball trick on Callaspo

Héctor Gómez reports that Julio Lugo, who played shortstop for the world-champion 2007 Sox team, has died of a heart attack. His 46th birthday was tomorrow.

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Just like the Fenway Faithful went after Keith Foulke in 2005 after he wrecked his arm in the 2004 Playoffs (Remember Those Games?), he got ripped after a few bad outings.

Julio Lugo had a few gaffes in 2008 and was screamed at by the Bandwagoners of Pink Hat Nation.

I even remember shouting across the parking lot at Fenway after a game to remind him he was a good player and him smiling back.

Poor guy.

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Maybe he was a nice guy (though the domestic violence charge is a mark against that notion), and I don't like to speak ill of the dead, but this is revisionist history. He STUNK when he was here. $30 mill for below replacement level numbers. He always struck me as the type of guy who couldn't handle playing in a big market.

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it's true: he got paid good money here for nearly setting club records for futility at the plate and with his glove. DFI'd and traded for a bag of balls a little over halfway through a four-year, $36M contract, in part thanks to a knee injury.

RIP, but without any baseball laurels from me.

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Whose fault is it if someone offers you a Brinks truck full of cash to play baseball?

I love how everyone sides with management when a player does not pan out.

At least Lugo helped win a ring which cannot be said of Edgar Rentereia (well he did make the last out in 2004 (and 2005)), Panda, and Matt Clement who also made gobs of money.

Jack Clark's signing was so bad that it made into the movie The Town.

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I don't fault him for taking the money. I was mad at Larry Lucchino when they signed him (and a lot of other times. Fuck Larry Lucchino). But taking money out of it, his play in Boston was god-awful. They won in 2007 while he was on the team, but it wasn't because of him. Renteria, Sandoval, and Clement were also bad signings, but that doesn't somehow make Lugo a good one.

Jack Clark will always have a place in my heart for cranking one over the monster in the first Sox game I went to.

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i was watching on tv once and i thought he hit the old moosehead beer sign that used to be on top of the hotel buckminster. optical illusion i guess.

(edit) i just found this.



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Jack Clark was old when he signed with the Sox and his first of two seasons here was quite good(127 ops+).

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tens of millions of dollars isn't "siding with management."

Lugo collected a ring. I wouldn't say he earned it.

Congrats on you keen observation that the Sox made other, similarly bad signings, as though that somehow excuses Lugo's pitiful performance over two-plus seasons here.

A friend reminded me of one memorable moment of joy he delivered: that "Mother's Day Miracle" game at Fenway, when the Sox were down 5-0 going into the bottom of the ninth and came all the way back, with Lugo delivering the game-winning RBI.

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Pedro Feliciano, a stalwart lefty reliever for the Mets on and off for a decade, died last week, also at age 45, and probably also due to heart disease (although I haven't seen the cause of death officially confirmed yet).

The tone of his eulogy among Mets faithful is a little different.

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