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Large waterfront development proposed for Charlestown, where large developments are becoming the norm

Charlestown beach in 1900

Site was home to Charlestown's only beach, open until 1957. Source.

A Braintree developer says it will soon file plans to turn the 20.5-acre site of a former sugar refinery on the Mystic River into a large mixed-use development fronted by a large seawall that will both protect the lower parts of the area from flooding caused by rising seas and create a new linear park that will give residents access to that part of the waterfront for the first time in decades.

In a letter of intent filed yesterday, the Flatley Co., which already owns the Schraft Center and an office park next to the old Domino's site on Medford Street, says the sea wall/harbor walk will stretch three-quarters of a mile and will protect "a large swath of Charlestown, Cambridge and Somerville" from the sort of flooding the area could expect to see due to climate change, at least through 2070.

It's the latest proposal from developers to transform the neighborhood.

Earlier this month, developers proposed life-sciences labs, residential units and hotel rooms on 13 acres on the northern and western sides of Sullivan Square. Another developer has proposed a 29-story residential tower in the same area. An addition of 270 residential units to the Bunker Hill Mall could be the start of even more development at the six-acre site. And work continues on plans for a $1-billion redo of the Bunker Hill development that will include the addition of nearly 2,700 market-rate residential units to the existing, but rebuilt, public-housing apartments.

425 Medford St. filings and calendar.



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Large Rats are becoming the norm also, the Boston harbor “Water Rat” , they swim over from the Long wharf right to Charlestown for some upscale dining, some Rats scurry through Aquarium T station all the way to Maverick Station for a bite of their choice of ethnic cuisine.

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Gonna be tough to sell this as a high-end project with a power plant directly across the river. I can't imagine the view of smokestacks and nearby LNG tanks as being picturesque.

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275 Medford has been a big success, and it looks out over a cement distribution facility.

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Much as I'd personally like to see the push to "upscale" this neighborhood fail, the view hasn't seemed to hurt Encore at all.

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The power plant that is shutting down next year and the gasoline tank farm that is already being listed for sale? The only tanks that will be left will be 2 LNG tanks. Schnitzer will probably put their property up for sale real quick once the other dominoes fall.

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you are not going to keep the ocean out of that building. but I guess nobody cares cuz they want to make a buck today.

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Sullivan is a 10-minute walk and the road crossings are dicey. The 93 runs along Bunker Hill St. but it's inconvenient from that location due to, well, the actual Bunker Hill. Most of the streets between Bunker Hill St and Medford St in that area don't go through because of that big hill.

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