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At least 35 Boston Covid-19 cases tracked to Provincetown outbreak; officials urge anybody who's been there this month to self-isolate and get tested

The Boston Public Health Commission reports 35 Covid-19 cases in Boston this month have been traced to the outbreak in Provincetown - most in people who had been fully vaccinated.

Because of that, the commission today recommended that anybody who's visited Provincetown since July 1 - or who plans to in the near future - self-isolate and stay away from gatherings or groups for at least five days, even with complete vaccination. And then, get a Covid-19 test - and keep self-isolating until you get back a negative result.

Close, sustained contact with other people indoors increases your risk of exposure to COVID. While those vaccinated are strongly protected from serious illness or hospitalization, it is still possible to get COVID and spread it to others.

The commission did not say how severe any of the Boston cases were.

Covid-19 testing sites in Boston.

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I was suppose to go to a big beary event last week in Provincetown. But cuz I got laid off a few weeks ago, I could not go.

This outbreak almost makes it worth being laid off so I couldn't go.

Also me: now playing connect the dots with who I know who's infected :-/

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And sorry to hear about potentially-infected friends. Sending good thoughts your way.

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That sucks.

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It was a blessing.. toxic workplace is all I will say.

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you know what I mean

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Vaccines were tested for not dying/not being hospitalized. They still do that very well.

Their impact on not getting sick/not transmitting was always bonus time.

I hope the people involved don't get too sick and haven't infected anyone who will.

I have resumed wearing masks indoors in public and it seems like a high percentage of others are now doing the same. It really isn't a big deal to do so, as much as it feels like two steps forward and one step back.

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I have resumed wearing masks indoors in public and it seems like a high percentage of others are now doing the same. It really isn't a big deal to do so, as much as it feels like two steps forward and one step back

I never stopped. Went to home depot a few days ago and was the only person wearing a mask who wasn't an employee.

However, glad to see wherever I go, workers continue to wear masks regardless (for the most part).

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wherever I go, workers continue to wear masks

I was in NH yesterday. None of the workers in the Costco or the Market Basket I entered wore masks. Maybe 15% of the customers in the MB wore them; many more in the Costco.

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One of my friends who relocated to Provincetown during the pandemic tested positive for it the other day. He was vaccinated with the J&J vaccine in April and reports that other than a very short lived low-grade fever, loss of smell, and the sniffles, he feels fine. It appears that the vaccine is indeed working. His partner got Moderna and has no symptoms, though he's still awaiting his test results. I was in Ptown over July 4th weekend and returned on the 5th, and other than a quick turn on my heel in the (uncomfortably crowded) A-House, I avoided most crowds. I did develop some nasal congestion last week, and having gotten both Pfizer-BioNTech doses in March and April, I thought nothing of it, but after hearing about my friend's breakthrough case and out of an abundance of caution, I decided to get tested over the weekend. It came back negative, so I assume it's a common rhinovirus. It may be cold comfort (pun totally intended), but when poking around online I read that rhinovirus may prevent more serious covid infections, so being a good friend, I offered to sneeze on some of my friends who may have been exposed, but strangely no one took me up on my offer.

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I have resumed wearing masks indoors in public and it seems like a high percentage of others are now doing the same.

This is what I'm seeing too, although it really depends on where. There are communities where the "it's fine, we're fine here, we have high vax rates" mentality has everyone unmasking everywhere, and there are communities where there seems to be more awareness.

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Of 50 coworkers in my Boston office two have tested positive recently. One got the JandJ vaccine and one Moderna I think. The one that got JandJ had some very noticeable symptoms and the one that got the Moderna one only lost his taste and smell. The cases weren't related. Not looking forward to August and September.

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Do you think it will be over in October?

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Many workplaces have decided that August-September is the timeframe for bringing everyone back to the office.

It is no coincidence that many schools are planning to be fully open and many colleges as well sometime in that timeframe.

The Delta Variant is plenty infectious enough to worry a lot of people, particularly with the under-12 crowd not yet vaccinated and more susceptible to this variant than they were to Original COVID-19.

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Some companies have given their employees the option of staying home to work permanently, or to come in part time with no permanently-assigned seat. Oracle did that. This is going to continue having a huge impact on our concept of what work is. It's also going to create a lot of vacant office space, as companies shed buildings they aren't using. Maybe it will create the next condo boom.

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I'd been seeing that kids weren't being affected any differently.

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And Lambda is now in the country.

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