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Flaming Honda SUV

Matthew Murray captured the engulfed Honda SUV shortly after 2 p.m.

George Lewis got an even closer view shortly before Murray:

Honda SUV on fire
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Looks like a Honda Pilot light. Those have a bit of a history of erupting into flames, possibly due to not being able to support charging of devices.

Honda has been setting lawsuits in a hushy manner - one killed my SIL's god daughters when it caused a house fire in North Carolina. Looks like, years later, they are finally owning up to the problem: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-honda-recall/honda-recalls-2-1-millio...

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Thanks @SwirlyGrrl I was wondering how something like that could happen.

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Looks like Honda CR-V, but more pertinently, looks like a Boston driver.

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I had a 2004 CRV in the same dark blue color. I traded it in about 5 years ago and this doesn't seem to have my old bumper stickers.

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