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Lawrence men arrested after driving to Dorchester to pick up a parcel filled with more than two pounds of cocaine, police say

Boston Police reports a hunch by postal inspectors that there was something unusual about a package addressed to an apartment on Fuller Street in Dorchester paid off on Tuesday with the arrest of two Lawrence men who showed up there to pick it up.

Police say officers, state troopers and agents from the US Postal Inspectors Service had the place staked out:

The officers were surveilling the address due to an incoming parcel scheduled for delivery which met the USPIS’ criteria of a suspicious package.

Officers observed a vehicle approach and park in the driveway of the target address at which time a male party, later identified as a 19-year-old male from Lawrence, exited from the driver’s seat and then returned to the vehicle with the package, placing it in the trunk before driving off.

Officers followed the vehicle a short distance and performed a traffic stop based on their observations, removing both the operator and a passenger of the vehicle, later identified as a 20-year-old male from Lawrence. Officers then took custody of the package, opened it and discovered a large quantity of cocaine believed to be in excess of 1,000 grams.

Both were charged with cocaine trafficking, police say.

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"Suspicious" is a racist dog whistle.

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The postal worker has no idea whether or not the person something is addressed to is white or not.

They just know that something that reeks of dry laundry detergent and is abnormally heavy might be a drug shipment.

Just grow the eff up already, eh?

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“Acting suspicious” covers a lot of racist profiling among other abuses. On the other hand, this article says that the USPS flagged the package as suspicious. I doubt whoever made that determination knew the race of the sender or the recipient.

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Lots of evidentiary questions here for sure.

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they knew the address of the recipient. Are you sure they don't designate entire zip codes as "suspicious"?

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Perhaps the named person not living there?

And this sort of thing has little to do with zipcodes - someone managed to claim that my husband lost his credit card and tried to have a replacement sent to a very upscale enclave in Long Island.

People use drugs everywhere and have drugs sent to everywhere.

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Although they both have really cool historic mill buildings

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Lowell is not that bad a place. I lived there for a number of years. You'd have to pay me to live in Lawrence. You'd have to pay me a lot.

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Yes, Lawrence, fixed.

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