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Lowell rightwinger strikes out for third time in suit against Marty Walsh over small post-Charlottesville rally on the Common

A federal judge this week tossed a Lowell man's suit against Marty Walsh for urging right wingers not to rally on Boston Common the week after one of their compatriots murdered a woman in Charlottesville.

Brandon Navom had claimed Marty Walsh libeled him personally in the days before a dozen rightwingers briefly milled about the Parkman Bandstand in 2017, but both a Middlesex Superior Court judge and the Massachusetts Appeals Court noted Walsh never actually named Navom, that the mayor had a right to speak both under the First Amendment and in his role as an elected official discussing public-safety matters and that Walsh's comments didn't stop the rally and it's not his fault Navom chose not to attend.

In his ruling this week, US District Court Judge Judge Mark Mastroianni ruled that Navom's pleadings were identical to those in his state cases and that he raised no new issues, and so dismissed his federal suit under the legal doctrine of "claim preclusion," which "forecloses further litigation to resolve issues arising from a transaction or series of transactions that has already been litigated to the point of a valid and final judgment."

Navom brought the federal action by himself. In state court, he was represented by Rinaldo Del Gallo III of Pittsfield, who also represented Washington putschist Mark Sahady of Malden after Sahady was arrested in January.

Walsh and the city still face similar federal lawsuits from two other people connected with the 2017 rally. Samson Racioppi sued Walsh and Charlie Baker last August. Shiva Ayyadurai, yes, that Shiva Ayyadurai, sued Walsh and then Police Commissioner William Evans in August as well.

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that other people have their "1A," as they call it, their First Amendment rights as well. It's for them, not Marty Walsh or Colin Kaepernick or anyone else for that matter because Americuh First, and they're America and you ain't.

This was when I flipped for Marty. I didn't like him before, thought he was a fathead more interested in enriching his union buddies -- I was predisposed to dislike anyone not named Tom Menino Jr. But Marty played that situation with these clowns, Superhappyfunamerica, and etc. etc. well and I was proud of him for standing up to those loudmouths.

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It’s worth re-upping Brian D’amico’s comment from the last time we spoke about Navom.

this guy was allegedly? involved? or whatever with the so called "Free Speech Rally" and is mad that someone said something? Almost like that rally wasn't really about free speech, huh?

It’s also worth noting that at least 2 of the white supremacist extremists on that speaking bill with Brandon Navom and Super Happy Fun America’s Samson Racioppi (apparent bff of alleged insurrectionist Mark Sahady) have since become more extreme and more Nazi-like.

- Joe Biggs, national leader in the Proud Boys, a movement that has made apparent since 2017 that they are overtly white supremacist, has been famously filmed invading the Capitol on January 6 and is a centerpiece in the broader conspiracy investigation into premeditation and coordination amongst multiple extremist groups.

- Kyle Chapman, feeling the Proud Boys weren’t racist enough, attempted to wrestle power from PB leader Enrique Tarrio and espoused explicit rhetoric directly from Neo-Nazi playbooks that promotes white supremacy, anti-semitism, and decried “white genocide”.

Other white nationalist speakers scheduled for the 2017 rally were Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, Augustus Sol Invictus, and Cassandra Fairbanks. In the other thread I detail their white power proclivities several comments below Brian’s astute observation, or you can Google those names if interested. But the whole group is pretty white power-y.

It’s so strange how Super Happy Fun America, Brandon Navom, and Samson Racioppi invite a group of high profile Nazi-like white supremacists to their free speech event and want to stand and speak next to these cretins, but then they become sensitive cancel-culture warriors when you draw the logical conclusion that they support and endorse white supremacy and act like Nazis.

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These people are creepy--and dangerous, to boot! They're good people to stay the hell away from!

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Because the sandwich shop had to close and I was hungry?

There where way more counter-protesters. I think I should sue them. I was really hungry.

My poor nephew from out of town couldn't understand what was happening. He thought the counter-protesters were going to pull a "Braveheart" over the hill.

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