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Florida Man narrowly avoids fate of Man from Nantucket and Man from Martha's Vineyard

Near storrowing averted on Storrow Drive

Somebody hauling a boat learned first hand shortly after 1 p.m. that despite their names, the river roads aren't meant for watercraft. A Curiosity Machine chronicles his successful effort to avoid becoming the subject of a limerick like two Men from the Islands this week.

Ooh, and guess where he's from?

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local interweb bards, i await your brilliance..

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Reminds me of years ago on a July 4th at the Charles River Dam. I was at the locks watching boats come into the river for the fireworks. A taller vessel in the southernmost lock accelerated out of the lock and the canopy was snagged on rebar underneath the under-construction bridge. The yacht lurched quite a bit, but continued on.

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You should not be surprised when I say
That it happened again yesterday.
Driving under the bridge,
Thought he'd clear by a smidge.
Did I mention he's from FLA?

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He Storrowed some antennas and nav equipment under Silber way whilst backing up.

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