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Man breaks into an ATM at Mass. Ave. T stop, police say

Wanted for ATM heist

Update: Suspect arrested.

Transit Police report they are looking for a guy they say broke into a Bank of America ATM at the Massachusetts Avenue Orange Line stop and made off with a box full of cash around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous text tip to 873873.




All ATMs have cameras.. could've done a better job of covering / disguising your face.

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Where are all the cries to take this photo down?
How do we know he wasn't giving away the money to under privileged youths?

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It even puts the woke to sleep.


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It's weird that his face is so visible when he has every excuse to cover it completely. I wonder how much of an inside job it is.

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It very much is likely it was an inside job. I used to work for a bank. Those machines are built like tanks and you would have to use C4 to just "break into" one. They also carry a lot of money, he made off with probably close to 100k.

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When will people realize that everything we do, almost wherever we are, is being recorded by camera? I should think the ATM experience, in itself would be an obvious one!

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Why is it that the MBTA is the one place in the city where you rob a bank or a passenger you don't wear a mask?

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If anyone needs to wear a mask properly, it's someone robbing a bank.

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.... benefited this fellow more than usual on Weds. At least he’ll be vaccinated where he’s likely going.

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Odd that t stop is always busy and has t staff. Anyone check the 4 rehab places around there.

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Like, if he was wearing a track suit from a particular high school.

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That's a vintage track suit.

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get away quickly.

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