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Man charged as would-be East Boston kidnapper; police say he was wearing an ankle bracelet

Boston Police report arresting an East Boston man on charges he tried to grab a woman walking to work early on Wednesday - an attempted kidnapping they say was foiled when a bystander noticed what was happening and began rushing over to intervene.

Police say Korey David, 21, was arrested last night on Chelsea Street near Porter Street, right around the corner from where the failed kidnapping happened, at Porter and Bremen streets.

Police say Korey approached the woman, around 4 a.m. and asked her how to get to the Maverick T stop.

The victim stated that as she began to provide directions, the male suspect grabbed her by the waist and made a threatening statement. The victim stated that she was able to break away but the suspect continued to follow her, grabbing her a second time while preventing her from using her cellphone to call 911. The victim then stated that a male party who was walking nearby at the time of the incident began to take notice of the struggle, causing the suspect to suddenly flee the area on foot.

Police say a detailed description by the victim and a "clear image" from a nearby surveillance camera that showed the suspect wearing what appeared to be a GPS monitoring device on his ankle began to lead them towards David, who was, they say, "placed in custody without incident." Police did not say what David was wearing the device for, but they are typically ordered by judges as a condition of release for bail or probation.

David was charged with kidnapping and assault and battery, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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How stupid can he be?

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You really don't want to know the answer to that question, but I'll bet you can guess.

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How stupid could he be? He could do this while on probation for rape of a child.
Lowell Sun: 2019
Korey David, 19, 95 Lupine Road, Dracut; warrant (probation violation for rape of a child).

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So that bail is gone. Do we need to replenish MBF coffers?

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Apparently [according to press reports] the alleged perp was out on bail for attempts to molest, assault or possible rape a minor

The condition of the bail was that he wear the monitoring device

Most of these devices use a fairly old tech -- akin to the "original I've fallen and I can't get up" -- where in the transponder talks to a unit in the home which in turn is connected via the wireless phone network to the cops.
Ostensibly -- if the perp with the ankle tag leaves the immediate area the system will call the cops and let them know.

Today, the "I've fallen" alert system can allow a panic button to be pushed even if the person with the transponder is out and about in the park -- the panic button talks directly to the monitoring site via the cell phone network -- and the person who is being monitored can be located using the "heart beat" signal from the panic button received by the cell phone network. A similar system is now available for dogs using "invisible fence" where a monitored dog who leaves the premises can be tracked.

Ankle bracelets on perps out on bail should do something similar. As long as the perp is in compliance with the bail [e.g. at home, or if they are out of the home for work, or a permitted action during normal business hours] -- nothing would happen except to indicate compliance. The minute that they are out of range of home base during non-permitted hours, or happen to cross into an exclusion zone [such as near a school for a sex-perp, or near a person with a restraining order] the system would alarm the cops and detailed tracking would ensue.

Sorry -- if this seems like China -- Well when you break the law and get arrested and you have a "history" which links you to being a habitual perp [aka the arm-long rap sheet] -- then you will have to give up some of your freedom of action. Your alternative of course is you can have no monitoring -0- but then you sit in jail awaiting your trial.

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