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Man faces his first federal bank-robbery charge in 20 years

A South Boston man arrested on charges he robbed the TD Bank branch across from Faneuil Hall in April now faces a federal bank-robbery charge, which could net him 20 years in prison in exchange for the $990 police say he made off with.

Officials say Coleman Nee, 40, didn't even get to spend that small amount following the April 26 robbery at the Union Street bank branch, because Transit Police found him not long after in Downtown Crossing and detained him until Boston Police could arrive.

A federal grand jury indicted him yesterday; he is scheduled for arraignment in federal court on Friday, the US Attorney's office reports.

Nee pleaded guilty in federal court in 2002 to two bank robberies in 2001 and was ordered to repay the total of $900 he made off with in those robberies. He was initially sentenced to five years in prison, but spent a total of two more years in federal custody for various probation violations related to his failure to complete - or in one case even show up for - court-ordered drug-treatment programs.

Innocent, etc.


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Shoplifting is much more profitable with no risk of being arrested.

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or possibly of "arrested" or some other word in that sentence.

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But something isn’t working here for this guy or society at large. Certainly the fear he must have caused the bank teller warrants punishment but I can’t get behind such a long sentence for robbing a bank. It seems many of them rob the public by legal means everyday with their fees and discriminatory practices.

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We are all for humane treatment of people in need of recovery, but a guy who is this sort of repeat offender needs to be removed from civilized society until he gets straightened out. He will never get 20 years. He could very well simply be a bank robber. I personally know plenty of people in recovery from multiple issues, and the vast majority of them have never committed any crimes.

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A banker, I’m guessing. LOL

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Such a long sentence for any crime, save perhaps the violent ones, seems pretty categorically unreasonable.

It's certainly more retribution than needed and probably not a deterrent. If the hope is rehabilitation, twenty years seemingly won't accomplish more than would a couple or a few.

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He got $900 in 2001, and $990 in 2021. And was caught both times. This is not a good career plan, youngsters.

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Colin or Coleman?

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Thanks, fixed.

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Please re-read - Adam said that it could get him 20 years, not that it will. It's extremely unlikely he'll get the maximum sentence in this situation.

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